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News & New Arrivals

New Arrivals January 17th, 2018


GMT Games:
GMT1705 Wild Blue Yonder: ETO Airwar 1940-1944 SRP $89.00 USD
GMT1718 Welcome to Centerville SRP $59.00 USD
GMT1720 Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain (COIN System) SRP $95.00 USD Pendragon
GMT1801 Wing Leader Blitz Expansion SRP $36.00 USD
GMT1805 Battles of the Warrior Queen: Queen Boudicca and the Rebellion Against Rome 60 AD SRP $20.00 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSPfgv009 Frostgrave: Second Chances SRP $11.99 CAD
OSPgnm270 Fit to Fight SRP $79.00 CAD
OSPgnm329 Spitfire Singh SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPgnm330 The Secret Agent's Pocket Manual SRP $20.00 CAD


New Arrivals December 8th, 2017

One Small Step: 

S2P-OSS1602 Folio Series 10: Binh Dinh '69 SRP $24.95 USD

S2p-OSS21701 NNN3: Nippon; Nukes & Nationalist SRP $54.95 USD

S2P-OSS21706 Guderian's War: Ther German Advance on Moscow; 1941 SRP $69.95 USD S2P-OSS21706

S2P-OSSares003G Born of Titans SRP $24.00 USD

S2P-OSSares004G Extractors! SRP $24.00 USD

S2P-OSSbx1505 Miracle on the Marne SRP $49.95 USD S2P-OSSbx1505

S2P-OSScf1701 CounterFact Magazine 4: 1936: What If? The Rhine Crisis SRP $26.00 USD

S2P-OSScf1801 CounterFact Magazine 5: ISIS Lybia SRP $26.00 USD

S2P-OSSmcsg1301 BCT Commnad: Kandahar SRP $69.95 USD S2P-OSSmscg1301

New Arrivals November 24th, 2017

Academy Games:
AYG5500 878 Vikings - Invasions of England SRP $99.00 CAD
Compass Games:
CPA1055 The African Campaign: Designer Signature Edition SRP $57.00 USD CPA1055
Osprey Publishing:
OSPadv024 Elf Warfare SRP $18.00 CAD
Worthington Games:
WOG-WPUB024 Pemberton & Grant: Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 SRP $59.99 CAD
WOG-WPUB050 Holdfast: Eastfront SRP $79.99 CAD
WOG-WPUB051 Holdfast: Atlantic SRP $74.99 CAD
WOG-WPUB052 Holdfast Pacific SRP $79.99 CAD


New Arrivals November 16th, 2017

GMT Games:

GMT1702 American Revolution Tri-Pack SRP $65.00 USD

GMT1714 Next War: Poland SRP $89.00 USD GMT1714


Osprey Publishing: 

OSPblt022 Campaign: The Road to Berlin SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPcam316 Shrewsbury 1403 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcbt029 Soviet Paratrooper vs Mujahideen Fighter SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPdue083 USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPfga004 FGA: Accessory Pack SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPfgv008 Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPgam012 Star Cartel SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPgnm261 Samurai Armour SRP $79.00 CAD

OSPgnm264 Case Red: The Collapse of France SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPmaa514 Armies of the Greek-Italian War SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg252 M113 APC 1960-75 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg253 British Destroyers 1939-45 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPowg020 Gaslands: Post-Apocalyptic Car Wars SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPwar182 Roman Legionary 109-58 BC SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPwar183 British Tank Crewman 1939-45 SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPwpn059 Cavalry Lance SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPxpl006 Bell X-2 SRP $27.00 CAD

New Arrivals November 5th, 2017

Decision Games:
DCG-WAW057 WAW 57: Escape Hell's Gate SRP $35.00 USD
DCG1402 Drive on Moscow: Operation Typhoon; 1941 SRP $50.00 USD
Lock ‘n Load Publishing:
LLP-1691 LnLT: Noville Bastogne's Outpost - 2nd Edition SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-1721 Falling Stars - Map Pack 2 SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-2186 All Things Zombie: Fade to Black SRP $29.99 USD
LLP-2575 LnLT: The Bear and the Jackal SRP $29.99 USD
LLP-2636 LnLT: Heroes of the Falklands: X-Maps SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-2643 LnLT: Heroes of the Motherland: X-Maps SRP $29.99 USD
LLP-2667 LnLT: Compendium Vol 4 - Modern Era SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-2766 LnLT: Heroes of the Falklands: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-2773 All Things Zombie: Nowhere Nevada SRP $29.99 USD
LLP-2803 LnLT: Heroes of the Motherland: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-2889 NAW: Core Rules Manual v.2.0 SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-3305 Falling Stars - Map Pack 1 SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-3312 Falling Stars: Core Rules Edition SRP $49.99 USD
LLP-3329 Falling Stars: Into the Long Night Adventure SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-3336 Tank on Tank: East Front - Red Storm in the Valley SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-3343 Tank on Tank: West Front - Defenders of the Rhine SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-3367 LnLT: Day of Heroes SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3374 LnLT: Heroes Against the Red Star SRP $84.99 USD
LLP-3381 LnLT: Heroes in Defiance SRP $84.99 USD
LLP-3398 LnLT: Heroes of North Africa SRP $99.99 USD
LLP-3404 LnLT: Heroes of Normandy SRP $84.99 USD
LLP-3411 LnLT: Heroes of the Motherland SRP $84.99 USD
LLP-3428 LnLT: Heroes of the Falklands SRP $64.99 USD
LLP-3435 LnLT: Heroes of the Nam SRP $84.99 USD
LLP-3442 LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific SRP $64.99 USD
LLP-3473 NAW: White Star Rising - 2nd Edition SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3480 NAW: Desert Heat - 2nd Edition SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3497 NAW: Stalin's Triumph SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3527 Hollow Cell (Card Game) SRP $44.99 USD
LLP-3541  A Wing and a Prayer SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3572 The Pacific War SRP $59.99 USD
LLP-3619 Falling Stars - Beginners Game SRP $39.99 USD
LLP-3633 LnLT: Solo SRP $69.99 USD
LLP-3657 LnLT: Compendium Vol 1- WWII Era SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-3664 LnLT: Compendium Vol 2 - Modern Era SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-3893 LnLT: Compendium Vol 3 - WWII Era SRP $34.99 USD
LLP-4074 LnLT: Dark July - Second Edition: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4081 LnLT: Dark July - Second Edition: X-Maps SRP $24.99
LLP-4111 LnLT: Heroes Against the Red Star: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4128 LnLT: Heroes Against the Red Star: X-Maps SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-4135 LnLT: Heroes in Defiance: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4142 LnLT: Heroes in Defiance: X-Maps SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-4159 LnLT: Heroes of North Africa: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4166 LnLT: Heroes of North Africa: X-Maps SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-4227 LnLTDay of Heroes: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4234 LnLT: Day of Heroes: Battle Generator SRP $24.99 USD
LLP-4340 LnLT: Noville Bastogne's Outpost: Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD
LLP-4395 NAW: Compendium Vol 1 SRP $39.99 USD
GMR-SP02 Operations Special Issue #2: Panzerblitz: Carentan SRP $36.00 USD
MMP-AP13 AP #13: Oktoberfest XXXII SRP $22.00 USD


New Arrivals October 26th, 2017
Amarillo Design Bureau:
ADB5752 Captain's Log #52 SRP $24.95 USD
ADB8725 PD20 Prime Directive Modern Supplement SRP $10.95 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSPfga002 FGA: Tales of the lost Isles SRP $11.99 CAD
OSPgam016 London (Second Edition) SRP $73.00 CAD OSPgam016
OSPgnm269 Silent Witness: The Civil War through Photography SRP $47.00 CAD
New Arrivals October 23rd, 2017
Compass Games:
CPA1049 Triumph of the Will SRP $69.00 USD
CPA1050 South China Sea SRP $79.00 CPA1050
CPA1053 Guam - Return to Glory (The Marianas Campaign Volume Two) SRP $135.00 USD

New Arrivals October 21st, 2017
Avalanche Press:
APL0324 PZG-Modern: 1967 Sword of Israel SRP $149.99 USD
APL0606 GWaS/SWWaS: Cone of Fire Reprint SRP $119.99 USD
APL0860 SWWaS: Plan Z SRP $64.99 USD APL0860
APL0874 SWWaS: Ships of Plan Z SRP 29.99 USD
APL0876 Battles of 1866: Blood & Iron (Book with pieces) SRP $24.99 USD APL0876
Osprey Publishing:
OSP1472827883 The Sea Devil SRP $34.00 CAD
OSPblt021 Konflict '47: Resurgence SRP $40.00 CAD
OSPcam314 Nashville 1864 SRP $32.00 CAD
OSPcam315 Hindenburg Line 1918 SRP $32.00 CAD OSPcam815
OSPcbt028 German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPdue082 B-29 Superfortress vs Ki44 SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPeli220 European Counter-Terrorist Units 1972-2017 SRP $25.00 CAD
OSPfga001 Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago SRP $40.00 CAD
OSPgam015 Samurai Gardener SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPgnm267 Sturmgeschutz SRP $60.00 CAD
OSPgnm296 USS Constitution Pocket Manual SRP $20.00 CAD
OSPnvg251 US Navy Escort Carriers 1942-45 SRP $24.00 CAD
OSPwpn058 'Broomhandle' Mauser SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPxpl005 TSR2 SRP $27.00 CAD



New Arrivals October 11th, 2017

Multiman Publishing:
MMP-ASKSK1-BP1 Starter Kit 1 Bonus Pack 1 SRP $12.00 USD
MMP-OM Operation Mercury - Grand Tactical Series SRP $172.00 USD MMP-OM
MMP-SP07 SP #7: Autumn for Barbarossa: SCS: Smolensk 1941 SRP $26.00 USD

New Arrivals October 10th, 2017

Decision Games:
DCG-MW032 MW: Operation Musketeer (Suez 1956) SRP $35.00 USD DCG-MW032



New Arrivals October 5th, 2017

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472819857 Splintered Empires: The Eaastern Front 1917-21 SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472824899 Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916-17 SRP $24.00 CAD

GMT Games:

GMT0816-17 Fields of Fire Second Edition SRP $75.00 USD

GMT1402-17 Unconditional Surrender 2nd Printing SRP $70.00 USD GMT1402-17

GMT1402-17MM Unconditional Surrender  Mounted Map Set SRP $40.00 USD

GMT1711 Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid (Solitaire) SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1712 Arquebus: Men of Iron Volume IV SRP $65.00 USD GMT1712

GMT1713 Holland '44: Operation Market Garden SRP $55.00 USD


New Arrivals September 8th, 2017

GMT Games:

GMT1108-17 Space Empires 4X 3rd Printing SRP $65.00 USD

GMT1511-17 Talon Reprint SRP $59.00 USD

GMT1704 Colonial Twilight: The French Algerian War 1954-62 SRP $75.00 USD GMT1704

GMT1708 Illusions of Glory (Paths of Glory #3: Eastern Front) SRP $65.00 USD GMT1708


New Arrivals September 6th, 2017:

Compass Games:

 CPA0086 Paper Wars 86: Nomads No More (Central Asia in Russian Civil War) SRP $46.95 USD CPA0086

CPA1038 Revolution Road SRP $69.00 USD

CPA1039 Command and Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution SRP $109.00 USD CPA1039

CPA1047 Sovereign of the Seas SRP $110.00 USD 

Decision Games:

DCG-MW031 MW: Combat Veteran (Vietnam Tactical) SRP $35.00 USD

DCG-WAW056 WAW: Bastogne (Solitaire) SRP $35.00 USD DCG-WAW056

DCG0307 S&T: Cold War Hot Armor SRP $35.00 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472820037 British Battle Tanks: British Made Tanks of World War 2 SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPblt020 Campaign: New Guinea SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPcam311 Savannah 1779 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcbt027 Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPdam001 Dracula's America SRP $40.00 CAD OSPdam001

OSPgam014 Zoo Ball SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPmaa512 Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (1) SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg249 Railway Guns of WWI SRP $24.00 CAD

New Arrivals August 8th, 2017

Avalanche Press:
APL0605-17 Alamein (Monster Game) SRP $149.99 USD APL0605-17



APL0614 SWWAS: Sea of Iron: The Baltic SRP $79.99 USD
APL0865 PZG: Spearhead Division (Book with Pieces for Elsenborn Ridge) SRP $29.99 USD
Decision Games:
DCG-WAW055 WAW: Commandos Europe Solitaire SRP $35.00 USD
DCG0306 S&T: Agricola: Campaign in Britain AD 77-85 SRP $35.00 USD DCG0306
DCG1018R D-Day at Omaha Beach (3rd Printing) SRP $75.00 USD
DCG1025R D-Day at Tarawa (2nd Printing) SRP $75.00 USD
GMT1610 Time of Crisis: The Roman Empire in Turmoil 235-284 AD SRP $65.00 USD GMT1610
GMT1706 1960: The Making of a President SRP $85.00 USD
GMT1709 Next War Supplement #1 SRP $20.00 USD
GMT-NNG1 Thunder Alley Crew Chief Expansion SRP $27.00 USD
HXA-AUST Austerlitz 1805: Rising Eagles SRP $105.99 USD HXA-AUST
HXA-MED Med Sirocco SRP $51.99 USD
HXA-TEN Tenkatoitsu SRP $99.99 USD
LUD-LIG Ligny and Wavre SRP $51.99 USD
LUD-MAR Marignan 1515: The Ride of Francis I in Italy SRP $44.99 USD LUD-MAR
LUD-MCX The Marshals IV - Joseph 1809 SRP $39.99 USD
Legion War Games:
LWG1602 Target for Today: Bombers over the Reich; 1942-1945 SRP $80.00 USD LWG1602
LWG1603 Demyansk Shield SRP $62.00 USD
Vae Victis:
VJA023 Orages a L'Est (Storms in the East) SRP $39.99 USD VJA023


New Arrivals July 29th, 2017

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472820457 Shadow Over the Atlantic: The Luftwaffe and the U-Boats 1943-45 SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472823144 The Improbable Victory: The Campaigns, Battles and Soldiers of the American Revolution; 1775–83 SRP $47.00 CAD

OSPcam310 Bar Kokhba War AD 132-135 SRP $32.00 CAD OSPcam310

OSPcbt026 Boer Guerrilla vs British Mounted Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPcnw123 Warship 2017 SRP $79.00 CAD OSPcnw123

OSPcom121 A-6 Intruder Units 1974-96 SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPnvg248 Imperial Japanese Navy Antisubmarine Escorts 1941-45 SRP $24.00 CAD OSPnvg248


New Arrivals June 20th, 2017

Compass Games:

CPA0085 Paper Wars 85: Russia Falling: The Coming Russian Civil War SRP $46.95 USD

CPA1041 Saipan: Bloody Rock SRP $125.00 USD CPA1041

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472820518 Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank & Variants SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472823007 Storm of Eagles: The Greatest Aviation Photographs of World War II SRP $47.00 CAD

OSPasp002 Battleships Yamato & Musashi SRP $79.00 CAD

OSPcam308 St Lo 1944 SRP $32.00 CAD OSPcam308

OSPcam309 Shanghai & Nanjing 1937 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcbt025 Canadian Corps Soldier vs Royal Bavarian Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPcnw122 Warship Anne SRP $47.00 CAD

OSPmdg001 Mad Dogs with Guns SRP $34.00 CAD OSPmdg001

OSPnvg247 Soviet Lend-Lease Tanks of WWII SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPpkt006 Allied Intelligence Handbook to the German Army 1939-45 SRP $20.00 CAD

OSPsli837 Medieval Castles of England & Wales SRP $20.00 CAD

OSPxpl004 Luftwaffe Emergency Fighters SRP $27.00 CAD 

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-03 Arbela: Gaugamela 331 BC SRP $34.95 USD

TPS-10 The Invincible Armada SRP $34.95 USD

TPS-17 The Sadowa Campaign SRP $34.95 USD TPS-17


New Arrivals May 28th, 2017


Decision Games:

DCG-MW030 MW: Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan 2001 (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD Operation Enduring Freedom

DCG-WAW054 WAW: Midway Solitaire SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0304 S&T: The American Revolution in the South SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0305 S&T: Armies of the White Sun SRP $34.99 USD DCG0305


GMT Games:

GMT1505-MM Genesis Mounted Map SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1701 Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars 460-400 BC SRP $85.00 USD GMT1701

GMT1707 Manoevre: Distant Lands SRP $46.00 USD


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472814487 History of the Panzerwaffe vol. 2 SRP $54.00 CAD

OSP1472822956 Hurricane SRP $60.00 CAD

OSPblt019 Campaign: Sea Lion SRP $40.00 CAD OSPblt019

OSPcam307 Fontenoy 1745 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcbt024 Longbowman vs Crossbowman SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPcnw121 A Secret Well Kept SRP $36.00 CAD

OSPcom120 Ju 52/3m Bomber & Transport Units 1936-41 SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPdue079 USS Lawrence vs HMS Detroit SRP $27.00 USD OSPdue079

OSPgam011 Shahrazad SRP $27.00 CAD OSPgam011

OSPmaa511 Roman Army Units in the Eastern Provinces (1) SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPwpn055 Pilum SRP $27.00 CAD OSPwpn055

OSPxpl003 North American X-15 SRP $27.00 CAD


New Arrivals May 3rd, 2017

Avalanche Press:

APL0043 Soldier Emperor: Indian Empires (Replaces Soldier Raj) SRP $49.99 USD APL0043

APL0050 Defiant Russia 2nd Edition SRP $44.99 USD

APL0329 PZG: Korean War: Counter Attack SRP $79.99 USD APL0329

APL0330 PZG: Broken Axis SRP $79.99 USD

APL0331 PZG: The Kokada Campaign (Series Intro) SRP $44.99 USD

APL0332 PZG: Invasion 1944 (Series Intro) SRP $44.99 USD

APL0705 Winter Fury (Reprint in Playbook format) SRP $39.99 USD APL0705

APL0861 SGWaS: Royal Netherlands Navy (Book with pieces) SRP $39.99 USD

APL0867 GWaS: High Seas Fleet SRP $29.99 USD APL0867

APL0868 PZG: Go For Broke 2nd Edition SRP $24.99 USD

APL0875 SGWaS: The Second Great War (Background Book) SRP $19.99 USD

GMT Games:

GMT1710 Simple Great Battles of History Rules SRP $22.00 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472807946 Sevastopol's Wars: Crimea from Potemkin to Putin SRP $47.00 CAD

OSP1472814395 Bloodstained Sands: Us Amphibious Operations in World War II SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472819338 Long Range Desert Group in WWII SRP $36.00 CAD

OSP1472819383 Airborne PB SRP $20.00 CAD

OSP1472819390 Lancaster SRP $16.00 CAD

OSPcam306 Luzon 1945 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcnw120 Jutland 1916 SRP $66.00 CAD

OSPeli218 WWII German Motorized Infantry & Panzergrenadiers SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPgam010 Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (Reprint) SRP $47.00 CAD OSPgam010

OSPnvg246 British Destroyers 1939-45 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPscr001 Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames SRP $40.00 CAD OSPscr001

OSPsli828 WRNS SRP $19.00 CAD


New Arrivals April 18th, 2017

Compass Games: 

CPA1042 Fall of the Third Reich SRP $79.00 USD CPA1042

CPA1043 Nine Years: War of the Grand Alliance SRP $69.00 USD

Operational Studies Group:

OSG207 Napoleon's Quagmire: Peninsular War II: Battles in Spain & Portugal SRP $109.00 USD OG207

OSG-Maxims Napoleon's Maxims (Book) SRP $16.00 USD


New Arrivals April 4th, 2017

Decision Games:

DCG-MW029 MW: Putin's War SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW029

DCG-WAW053 WAW: Strike & Counterstrike (Solitaire): AGC: December 1941-April 1942 SRP $34.99 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472819376 Germany Ascendant SRP $24.00 CAD


New Arrivals March 14th, 2017


Conway Publishing:

CNW1844863365 Churchill's Navy SRP $47.00 CAD

CNW1844864003 Churchill's Army SRP $79.00 CAD CNW1844864003


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472817372 The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS SRP $20.00 CAD

OSP1472819239 With Their Bare Hands: General Pershing; the 79th Division; and the battle for Montfaucon SRP $42.00 CAD

OSP1472820006 Fifty Great War Films SRP $24.00 CAD

OSP1472822338 From the Archives: An Eclectic Mix of Stories from the History of REME SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPbtc018 Campaign: Battle of the Bulge SRP $40.00 CAD OSPbtc018

OSPcam305 Kursk 1943 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPdue078 Panzer 38(t) vs BT-7 SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPfgv004 The Frostgrave Folio SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPmaa510 Dutch Armies of the 80 Years' War 1568-1648 (1) SRP $24.00 CAD OSPmaa510

OSPnvg245 Early US Armor SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPwpn054 Suomi Submachine Gun SRP $27.00 CAD


New Arrivals March 1st, 2017

Compass Games: 

CPA1040 Absolute Victory: World Conflict 1939-1945 SRP $185.00 USD CPA1040

Multiman Productions:

MMP-J12 ASL: Journal 12 SRP $26.00 USD MMP-12

MMP-WO2017 Winter Offensive 2017 (#8) SRP $24.00 USD


New Arrivals February 23rd, 2017

Decision Games: 

DCG-MW028 MW: Objective Havana (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW028

DCG0303 S&T: War Returns to Europe: Yugoslavia 1991 SRP $34.99 USD

DCG1405 S&T Reprint Game: The American Revolution: Decision in North America SRP $35.00 USD

DCG1639 Zama: Hannibal vs Scorpio SRP $19.95 USD DCG1639

New Arrivals February 22nd, 2017

Clash of Arms Games:
COA039125 La Bataille: Ligny 2nd Edition SRP $140.00 USD COA039125
GMT Games:
GMT1504-16 Churchill (Second Printing) SRP $89.00 USD
GMT1508-16 Liberty or Death (Second Printing) SRP $82.00 USD
GMT1602 Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918 SRP $99.00 USD GMT1602
GMT1603 Clash of Giants: American Civil War SRP $55.00 USD GMT1603
GMT1608 C&C: Napoleonics Epics SRP $75.00 USD
GMT1611 Comancheria: The Rise of the Comanche Empire (Solitaire) SRP $60.00 USD GMT1611
GMT1612 Wing Leader: Supremacy 1943-1945 SRP $79.00 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSP1472815323 The Royal Gibraltar Regiment 1939-2014: Nulli expugnabilis hosti SRP $86.00 CAD
OSP1472819550 Concorde SRP $16.00 CAD
OSP1472820488 Loco Spotter's Guide SRP $13.50 CAD
OSPace132 Jagdgeschwader 53 'Pik-As' Bf109 Aces of 1940 SRP $30.00 CAD
OSPcam304 Darwin 1942 SRP $32.00 CAD OSPcam304
OSPcmb023 New Zealand Infantryman vs German Motorcycle Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPdue067 Spitfire II/V vs Bf 109F SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPeli217 Modern Russian Army 1992-2016 SRP $25.00 CAD
OSPfgv002 Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits SRP $22.00 CAD
OSPnvg243 South African Armour of the Border War SRP $24.00 CAD
OSPnvg244 Imperial Roman Warships 193-565 AD SRP $24.00 CAD
OSPowg019 The Pikeman's Lament: Pike and Shot Wargaming Rules SRP $25.00 CAD OSPowg019
OSPwpn053 FN Minimi Light Machine Gun SRP $27.00 CAD
Turning Point Simulations:
TPS-16B The Campaign for Vicksburg 1863 AD SRP $34.95 USD TPS-16B


New Arrivals January 30th, 2017


Compass Games:
CPA0084 Paper Wars: Finnish Civil War SRP $46.95 USD
CPA1027 On to Paris: The Franco-Prussian War SRP $89.00 USD CPA1027
CPA1045 1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany SRP $79.00 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSP1472819369 Company of Heroes: A Forgotten Medal of Honor and Bravo Company's War in Vietnam SRP $20.00 CAD
OSPcam303 Lake Trasimene 217 BC SRP $32.00 CAD
OSPcmb022 Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPeli216 Vietnam War US & Allied Combat Equipments SRP $25.00 CAD
OSPnvg242 Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers SRP $24.00 CAD
OSPwpn042 Colt Single-Action Revolvers SRP $27.00 CAD
Pacific Rim Publishing:
PRP-ATP Across the Pacific: Pacific War 1941-1945 SRP $90.00 USD PRP-ATP
PRP-3W-BON Birth of a Nation SRP $35.00 USD
PRP-CHO Chosin: Korea 1951 SRP $35.00 USD
PRP-CTK-48P 48th Panzerkorps: Battle of the River Chir SRP $35.00 USD
PRP-CTK-S63 The Summer of 1863: Gettysburg Campaign SRP $30.00 USD
PRP-IRN Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes SRP $60.00 USD
PRP-JPW-CT2 6 Sheets of 192 .626 die-cut Counters Blank SRP $18.00 USD
PRP-JPW-DST Desert Storm: Iraq 1991 SRP $15.00 USD
PRP-JPW-VMY Vimy Ridge 1917 SRP $24.00 USD
PRP-TER-BOB Bastogne or Bust! 2nd Edition SRP $25.00 USD
PRP-TEW-TLB The Legend Begins 3rd Edition: North Africa 1940-42 SRP $40.00 USD
PRP-WLW Wellington's War: Peninsular War SRP $90.00 USD PRP-WLW
RBM Studio:
RBM029 C3i Magazine 29 SRP $39.99 USD
RBM030 C3i Magazine 30 SRP $39.99 USD


New Arrivals January 6th, 2017


GMT Games:

GMT0510-16 Twilight Struggle Deluxe - 6th Printing SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1104-16 No Retreat! East 2nd Printing SRP $65.00 USD

GMT1501-16 Triumph and Tradegy 2nd Edition SRP $95.00 USD

GMT1601 Silver Bayonet SRP $55.00 USD GM1601

GMT1605 1846: Race to the Midwest SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1609 Conquest of Paradise Deluxe 2nd Edition SRP $57.00 USD


HXA-SHOT By Shot; Shock and Faith SRP $79.99 USD HXA-SHOT


New Arrivals January 3rd, 2017

Decision Games:

DCG-MW027 Modern Battles II: Kaliningrad & Mosul SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW027

DCG-WAW052 Sealion: The German Invaion of England; September 1940 SRP $34.99 USD DCG-WAW052

DCG1410A Barbarossa Deluxe SRP $65.00 USD DCG410A

DCG1719 Ceres: Operation Stolen Base (Solitaire) SRP $12.95 USD

DCG1720 Phobos Rising (Solitaire) SRP $12.95 USD 

Osprey Publishing 

OSPnvg241 Austro-Hungarian Cruisers & Destroyers 1914-18 SRP $24.00 CAD OSPnvg241



New Arrivals December 16th, 2016

Operational Studies Group:

OSG2061 Fleurus; 1794 SRP $24.95 USD OG2061

Victory Point Games:

VPG-E20V2 Espana 20: Volume 2 SRP $49.99 USD VPG-E20V2

VPG-EIA2 Empires in America 2nd Edition SRP $32.99 USD

VPG-HT High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel July 1885 SRP $25.99 USD VPG-HT

VPG-HTUQ Hunt: The Unknown Quarry SRP $30.99 USD

VPG-IS2X Imperial Stars II Expansion Kit 1 SRP $21.99 USD

VPG-IS2X2 Imperial Stars II Expansion Kit 2 SRP $22.99 USD

VPG-TCF The Chosin Few (Korea 1950) SRP $29.99 USD VPG-TCF


New Arrivals December 8th, 2016

Dan Verssen Games:
DV1-026 Gato Leader SRP $69.99 USD DV1-026
DV1-036 Warfighter WWII SRP $59.99 USD DV1-036
DV1-036A WF WWII: US#1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036B WF WWII: UK#1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036C WF WWII: Germany #1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036D WF WWII: Gear #1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036E WF WWII: Ammo Box SRP $49.99 USD
DV1-036F WF WWII: US #2 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036G WF WWII: UK #2 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036H WF WWII: Germany #2 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036I WF WWII: Russian #1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036J WF WWII: Russian #2 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036K WF WWII: Polish #1 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036L WF WWII: Polish #2 SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-036M WF WWII: Metal Tokens SRP $19.99 USD
DV1-037 U-Boat & Gato Leader Ship Miniatures SRP $39.99 USD
The Gamers:
GMR0415 OCS: Tunisia II SRP $60.00 USD GMR0415
GMR0416 Operational Matters: An OCS Guide (Includes 2 countersheets & map) SRP $48.00 USD GMR0416
GMR0519 SCS: Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir River SRP $48.00 USD GMR0519
Multiman Publishing:
MMP-YANKS2 Yanks 2nd Edition SRP $128.00 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSP1472814364 The Frozen Chosen: The First Marine Division and the Battle of Chosin Reservoir SRP $37.00 CAD
OSP1472816818 No Victory in Valhalla SRP $23.00 CAD
OSP1472816849 Osprey Military Calendar 2017 SRP $20.00 CAD
OSPbtc016 Bolt Action: Konflikt '47 SRP $54.00 CAD OSPbtc016
OSPcam296 Milvian Bridge AD 312 SRP $29.00 CAD
OSPcam297 The Gempei War 1180-85 SRP $29.00 CAD
OSPdue075 Bradley vs BMP SRP $27.00 CAD
OSPeli213 The Barbary Pirates 15th-17th Centuries SRP $25.00 CAD
OSPnvg236 US Navy Light Crusiers 1941-45 SRP $24.00 CAD
OSPosg013 Agamemnon SRP $32.00 CAD OSPosg013


New Arrivals November 21st, 2016

Clash of Arms Games:

COA940741bxls The Rising Sun (boxless) SRP $60.00 USD

COA-ATO1202 ATO #46: No Middle Ground: The Golan Heights 1973 SRP $39.95 USD COA-ATO1202

Compass Games:

CPA0083 Paper Wars 83: Rising Sun Over China SRP $46.95 USD CPA0083

CPA1033 Festung Europa: The Campaign for Western Europe 1943-45 SRP $79.00 USD

CPA1034 Paths to Hell: Operation Barbarossa June to December 1941 SRP $80.00 US CPA1034

Legion War Games:

LWG1601 Redvers' Reverse: The Battle of Colenso; 1899 SRP $58.00 USD LWG1601


New Arrivals November 15th, 2016


Decision Games:

DCGmw025 MW: October War (Arab/Israeli '73) SRP $59.99 USD

DCGmw026 MW: Invasion: Afghanistan SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW25

DCGwaw050 WAW: Zhukov's War SRP $59.99 USD

DCGwaw051 WAW: Malaya: Pacific Battles #4 SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0301 S&T: Kaiser's War in the East SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0302 S&T: Great Northern War: Russo-Swedish War 1700-09 SRP $34.99 USD DCG0302

DCG1638 Battles for the Galactic Empire SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1714 Long Range Desert Group (Solitaire) SRP $12.95 USD DCG1714

DCG1715 Merrill's Maruders (Solitare) SRP $12.95 USD

DCG1722 Wilson's Creek: Opening Round in the West SRP $9.95 USD


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472813008 Instrument of War: The German Army 1914-18 SRP $35.00 CAD

OSP1472815231 Lockheed Blackbird SRP $66.00 CAD

OSPbtc000 Bolt Action Second Edition SRP $54.00 CAD

OSPbtc001 Armies of Germany 2nd Ed. SRP $40.00 CAD OSPbtc001

OSPcam301 Operation Market Garden 1944 (2) SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcam302 Thames 1813 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcom117 Tempest Squadrons of the RAF SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPcom118 He 162 Volksjager Units SRP $30.00 CAD OSPcom118

OSPdark012 Cthulhu Campaigns: Ancient Rome SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPdue077 Bazooka vs Panzer SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPfgv003 Frostgrave: Forgotten Packs SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPmaa508 World War II Croatian Legionaries SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg240 Ontos & M56 Scorpion 1956-70 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPosg012 Let Them Eat Cake SRP $36.00 CAD OSPosg012

OSPowg015 Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman Empire SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPwar181 British Commando 1940-45 SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPwpn051 Gladis SRP $27.00 CAD


New Arrivals November 3rd, 2016

GMT Games:

 GMT1012-16 Labyrinth: War on Terror (Third Printing) SRP $65.00 USD

GMT1014-16 C&C: Napoleonics (Third Printing) SRP $75.00 USD

GMT1101-16 Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan (Third Printing) SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1207-16 Panzer: The Game of Small unit Actions and Combined Arms on the Eastern Front 1943-44 (Reprint) SRP $80.00 USD

GMT1516 FAB: Golan '73 SRP $65.00 USD GMT1516

GMT1517 Grand Prix SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1519 MBT: Tank to Tank Combat 1987 Germany SRP $95.00 USD GMT1519

GMT1604 Labyrinth Expansion: The Awakening SRP $35.00 USD 


STR001 Colonial Europes's Empires Overseas 2nd Printing SRP $59.00 USD STR001


New Arrivals October 30th, 2016

Conway Books:

CNW1844861200 Spitfire Pocket Manual SRP $17.50 CAD

CNW1844861446 Jackspeak SRP $23.95 CAD

CNW1844861507 DIG WWII SRP $39.95 CAD

CNW1844861538 Lancaster Bomber Pocket Manual SRP $17.50

CNW1844862061 Battleship Dreadnought SRP $35.95 CAD

CNW1844862320 D-Day Kit Bag Kit SRP $25.95 CAD

CNW1844862337 Wipers Times SRP $19.95 CAD

CNW1844862351 Kaiser's Army SRP $63.95 CAD

CNW1844862498 Mapping the Second World War SRP $33.95 CAD

CNW1844862580 Backwash of War SRP $17.50 CAD

CNW1844862597 SAS Pocket Manual SRP $18.99 CAD

CNW1844863044 Hurricane Pocket Manual SRP $20.00 CAD

CNW1844863068 Mosquito Pocket Manual SRP $20.00 CAD

CNW1844863105 Complete Scrimgeour SRP $40.00 CAD

CNW1844863440 Maps of War SRP $66.00 CAD CNW1844863440


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472823076 Battlefield Companion: Somme 1916 SRP $33.95 CAD

OSP1472814852 We March Against England: Operation Sealion 1940-1941 SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472815620 War Over the Steppes SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472817556 British Battle Tanks: The First World War SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPace124 Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPace130 MiG-17/19 Aces of the Vietnam War SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPavd019 Mitsubishi A6M Zero SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPcam171 River Plate 1939 SRP $29.00 CAD

OSPcam292 Camden 1780 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPcam298 First Afghan War 1839-42; The SRP $29.00 CAD

OSPcam300 Malaya & Singapore 1941-42 SRP $29.00 CAD

OSPcmb019 Apache Warrior vs US Cavalryman SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPcmb021 Finnish Soldier vs Soviet Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPcom115 Fw 200 Condor Units of World War 2 SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPcom116 US Navy F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War 1964-68 SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPdue076 US Navy Ships vs Kamakazes 1944-45 SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPeli215 British Light Infantry & Rifle Tactics of the Napoleonic Wars SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPfor111 Hindenburg Line SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPnvg228 German Commerce Raiders 1914-18 SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPnvg239 Nile River Gunboats SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPosg007 Escape from Colditz SRP $86.00 CAD OSPosg007

OSPwar180 Early Iron Age Greek Warrior 1100-700 BC SRP $25.00 CAD

OSPwpn050 Mosin-Nagant Rifle SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPxpl001 Bell X-1 SRP $27.00 CAD


New Arrivals October 1st, 2016

Conway Books: 

CNW1844863266 Warship 2016 SRP $79.00 CAD CNW1844863266

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472812766 Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916 SRP $40.00 CAD

OSP1472813213 The Vikings SRP $20.00 CAD

OSP1472813725 The Samurai SRP $20.00 CAD

OSP1472815262 Modern Snipers SRP $37.00 CAD

OSP1472816788 Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941-44 SRP $20.00 CAD

OSP1681193564 Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo SRP $47.00 CAD

OSPcam283 Cowpens 1781 SRP $32.00 CAD

OSPcam299 Zama 202 BC SRP $29.00 CAD

OSPcmb020 King's African Rifles vs Schutztruppe Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPmaa502 Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-1461 SRP $23.50 CAD OSPmaa502

OSPmaa507 Modern African Wars (5) SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg237 BT Fast Tank SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPnvg238 World War I Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPowg016 The Men Who Would Be Kings: Colonial Wargaming Rules SRP $25.00 CAD OSPowg016

OSPwpn043 The Composite Bow SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPwpn049 SA80 Assault Rifles SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPxpl002 Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerika Bomber SRP $27.00 CAD OSPxpl002 


New Arrivals August 13th, 2016

Compass Games: 

CPA1036 Fornova 1495 SRP $72.00 USD CPA1036

CPA1037 The Lamps Are Going Out: 1914 SRP $69.00 USD CPA1037


New Arrivals August 3rd, 2016

Decision Games:

DCG0300 S&T: Desert Fox SRP $65.00 USD

DCG-WAW049 WAW: Gertrud 42: German Invasion of Turkey SRP $34.99 USD DCG-WAW049



New Arrivals July 8th, 2016

Amarillo Design Bureau: 

ADB2201 Star Fleet Journal 1: For the Glory of the Empire SRP $6.95 USD

ADB3203 F&E: Fighter Operations 2016 SRP $34.95 USD

ADB3214 F&E: Minor Empires 2016 SRP $36.95 USD ADB3214

ADB5601 Module C1: New Worlds I 2015 SRP $20.95 USD

ADB5751 Captain's Log #51 SRP $24.95 USD

ADB-M30001 A Call to Arms: Star Fleet - Deluxe Edition SRP $29.95 USD ADB-M30001

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472814883 Operation Agreement SRP $34.00 CAD

OSPace131 Spitfire Aces of the Channel Front 1941-43 SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPcam295 Chattanooga 1863 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPcmb018 Israeili Soldier vs Syrian Soldier SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPdue074 British Submarine vs Italian Torpedo Boat SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPfor110 Forts of the American Revolution 1775-83 SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPmaa506 Roman Army Units of the Western Provinces (1) SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPnvg235 Katyusha SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPowg014 Poseidon's Warriors SRP $23.00 CAD OSPowg014


New Arrivals June 17th, 2016

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-029B Cards of Cthulhu: Beyond the Veil SRP $34.99 USD

DV1-029C Cards of Cthulhu: Coin Pack SRP $19.99 USD

GMT Games:

GMT1309-15 Cuba Libre: Castro's Insurgency; 1957-1958 (Second Printing) SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1310-15 A Distant Plain: Insurgency in Afghanistan (Second Printing) SRP $78.00 USD

GMT1514 Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar SRP $80.00 USD GMT1514

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-ASLSK2 ASL Starter Kit 2: Guns! SRP $30.00 USD

MMP-ASLSK3 ASL Starter Kit 3 SRP $36.00 USD

MMP-WO2016 Winter Offensive 2016 (#7) Net $17.00 USD

Osprey Publishing: 

OSPcam294 Operation Totalize 1944 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPdue073 F4U Corsair vs Ki-84 'Frank' SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPeli212 US Army Rangers SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPobk005 Steampunk Soldiers: American Frontier SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPosg010 Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space SRP $47.00 CAD OSPosg010

OSPosg011 The Ravens of Thri Sahashri SRP $26.00 CAD

OSPwpn046 M3 'Grease Gun'; The SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPwpn047 German Machine Guns of World War I SRP $24.00 CAD

The Gamers:

GMR0901 BCS: Last Blitzkrieg SRP $132.00 USD GMR0901

New Arrivals May 29th, 2016


Osprey Publishing: 

OSP1472815569 The Battle of the Somme SRP $42.00 CAD

OSPdark010 Nazi Moonbase SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPdue072 F-15 Eagle versus MiG-23/25 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPhzw000 Horizon Wars: Hard 6mm Science-Fiction Wargames SRP $35.00 CAD OSPhzw000

OSPmaa505 Imperial Chinese Armies 1840-1911 SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPnvg233 Valentine Infantry Tank 1938-45 SRP $22.00 CAD OSPnvg233

OSPwar179 US Army Green Beret in Afghanistan SRP $23.00 CAD


New Arrivals May 26th, 2016

Decision Games: 

DCG-MW024 MW: LZ Albany SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW024

DCG0299 S&T: First Crusade (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD DCG0299

DCG1635 Shanghai Incident: 28 January - 2 March 1932 SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1721 Mansfield: Crisis in the Pine Barrens; 8 April 1864 SRP $12.95 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472811134 The SBS in World War II SRP $18.00 CAD

OSP1472812940 Tiger Tank SRP $14.00 CAD

OSP1472813152 SR-71 Blackbird SRP $14.00 CAD

OSP1472813183 Collision of Empires SRP $22.00 CAD

OSP1472815262 Finland at War SRP $47.00 CAD

OSP1472815491 Spitfire SRP $53.00 CAD OSP1472815491

OSPace129 JM2 Raiden and N1 K1/2 Shinden Aces SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPavd022 USN McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPbtc013 Duel in the Sun SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPcam290 Atlanta 1864 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPcam291 The Dnepr 1943 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPcam293 Downfall 1945 SRP $28.00 CAD

OSPcmb017 British Redcoat vs French Fusilier SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPcom114 AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPeli210 World War II US Army Combat Equipments SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPnvg231 Railway Guns of World War II SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPnvg232 The Imperial Japanese Navy of the Russo-Japanese War SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPnvg234 British Guided Missile Destroyers SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPosg006 Odin's Ravens SRP $28.00 CAD OSPosg006

OSPosg008 Tiny Games for Kids SRP $10.00 CAD

OSPosg009 Tiny Games for Trips SRP $10.00 CAD

OSPwar178 US Marine in World War I SRP $23.00 CAD

OSPwpn045 The Barrett Rifle SRP $24.00 CAD


New Arrivals May 17th, 2016:

Against the Odds: 

COA-ATO0103 Kesselschlacht (WWII) SRP $34.95 USD

COA-ATO1201 Red Dragon; Blue Dragon: The Communist Victory in China SRP $39.95 USD COA-ATO1201

Clash of Arms Games

COA970265bxls Close Action (boxless) SRP $42.00 USD

COA-TEK1000VP Solo Adventures (1002;3&4) SRP $29.95 USD

COA-TEK1001 Growing up on Tekumel SRP $10.95 USD

COA-TEK1002 Coming of Age on Tekumel SRP $18.95 USD

COA-TEK1003 Beyond the Borders of Tsolyanu SRP $18.95 USD

COA-TEK1004 Beneath the Lands of Tsolyanu SRP $16.95 USD

COA-TEK1005 The Tekumel Bestiary SRP $18.95 USD

COA-TEK2000 Gardasiyal: Deeds of Glory (Boxed Core Set) SRP $44.00 USD

COA-TEK2001VP Gardasiyal: Value Pack (as above no box/dice) SRP $29.95 USD

Compass Games:

CPA0082 Paper Wars 82: I Will Fight No More Forever SRP $46.95 USD CPA0082

CPA1030 Fall Blau: Army Group South: June to December 1942 SRP $140.00 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPdark011 The Cthulhu Wars - The United States Battles Against the Mythos SRP $22.95 CAD


New Arrivals May 9th, 2016


Avalanche Press:

APL0325 PZG: Liberation 1944 SRP $79.99 USD APL0325

APL0326 PZG: Korean War: Pusan Perimeter SRP $79.99 USD

Academy Games:

AYG5105 COH: Awakening the Bear: Firefight Generator Expansion SRP $45.00 USD 

GMT Games:

GMT0814-MM Unhappy King Charles Mounted Map SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1515 Eagle of Lille (Bloody April Module) SRP $25.00 USD

UGG Games: 

UGG-MEDC Medieval Conspiracy SRP $79.00 USD UGG-MEDC


New Arrivals April 28th, 2016

Compass Games:
CPA1009 The God Kings: Warfare at the Dawn of Civilization SRP $70.00 USD CPA1009
CPA1035 Red Poppies Campaigns: The Battle Ypres SRP $89.00 USD
Operational Studies Group:
OSG206 Napoleon's Last Gamble SRP $99.00 USD OSG206
OSG2061 Napoleon's Last Gamble Expansion SRP $24.99 USD

New Arrivals April 20th, 2016

Decision Games:
DCG-MW023 Fallujah (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW023
DCG-WAW048 WAW: Duel in the North: The Leningrad Campaign; Jun-Sep 1941 SRP $34.99 USD
DCG0298 S&T: Balkan Gambit SRP $34.99 USD
DCG1637 Mortain Counterattack: The Drive to Avranches SRP $19.95 USD DCG1637
DCG1723 First Saratoga: Burgoune's Gambit SRP $9.95 USD
Legion Wargames:
LWG1503 The Battle of Rosebud Creek SRP $58.00 USD
LWG1504 The Battle of Little Big Horn SRP $68.00 USD LWG1504


New Arrivals March 28th, 2016


Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP-2490 LnLT: Heroes of the Nam SRP $74.99 USD LLP-2490

LLP-2612 LnLT: Heroes of Normandy X-Maps SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2629 LnLT: Heroes of the Nam X-Maps SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2704 LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2711 LnLT: Heroes of Normandy Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2728 LnLT: Modern Era 1960-Present Core Rules Manual SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2735 LnLT: WWII Era 1930-59 Core Rules Manual v.4.1 SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2742 LnLT: Heroes of the Nam Battle Generator SRP $19.99 USD


Multiman Publishing: 

MMP-J11 ASL: Journal 11 SRP $38.00 USD

MMP-WofJ Warriors of Japan SRP $44.00 USD MMP-WofJ


New Arrivals March 19th, 2016
Compass Games:
CPA0081 Paper Wars 81: Position Magnafique: Mars le Tour 1870 SRP $46.95 USD CPA0081
CPA1028 War in the Wind: Battle of Attu 1943 SRP $57.00 USD
CPA1032 Fatal Alliances III SRP $134.00 USD CPA1032
New Arrivals March 12th, 2016

Against the Odds:
COA-ATO1104 Vercingetorix: The Twilight of the Gauls SRP $39.95 USD Vercingetorix
Clash of Arms Games:
COA1210130 La Bataille de Dresde 1813 SRP $150.00 USD


New Arrivals February 29th, 2016

Decision Games:
DCG-MW022 New World Order Battles SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW022
DCG-WAW046 WAW: Yamato Unleashed SRP $34.99 USD
DCG-WAW047 WAW: Crete 1941 (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD DCG-WAW047
DCG0297 S&T: 1863 SRP $34.99 USD
DCG1636 El Alamein: Rommel at Alam El Halfa SRP $19.99 USD
DCG1724 Germantown: Washington Strikes: 4 October 1777 SRP $9.99 USD
New Arrivals February 23rd, 2016

GMT Games:
GMT0510-15 Twilight Struggle Deluxe (Reprint) SRP $60.00 USD
GMT1508 Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (COIN System) SRP $82.00 USD GMT1508
GMT1509 Silent Victory SRP $55.00 USD GMT1509
GMT1510 Operation Dauntless: The Battles for Fontenay & Rouray; France; June 1944 SRP $59.00 USD
GMT1511 Talon SRP $59.00 USD
GMT1521 Thunder Alley Extra Tracks SRP $40.00 USD
GMT1522 Next War: India-Pakistan SRP $85.00 USD GMT1522
Ludifolie Editions:
LUD-WAT Les Quatre Bras & Waterloo 1815 SRP $49.00 USD


New Arrivals February 20th, 2016

Academy Games:

AYG5104 CoH: Eastern Front Solo Play Expansion SRP $45.00 USD AYG5104

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472807748 Atlas of the Eastern Front SRP $77.00 CAD

OSP1472808127 History of the Panzerwaffe; The: Volume I: 1939-43 SRP $50.95 CAD

OSP1272811103 Forgotten Sacrifice:  The Arctic Convoys of WWII SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1472815095 The In & Out: A History of the Naval and Military Club SRP $68.00 CAD

OSP1782002802 The First World War SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPace128 Aces of Jagdgeschwader Nr. III SRP $29.95 CAD

OSPcam289 Burma Road 1943-44 SRP $28.50 CAD OSPcam289

OSPcmb015 US Infantryman vs German Infantryman SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPcom113 F-51 Mustang Units of the Korean War SRP $29.95 CAD

OSPdue071 M48 Patton vs Centurion: Indo-Pakistani War 1965 SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPeli208 US Marine Corps Recon and Special Operations Uniforms & Equipment 2000-15 SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPmaa504 Armies of the War of the Pacific SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPnvg229 US Standard-type Battleships 1941-45 (2) SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPnvg230 Imperial Roman Warships 27 BC-193 AD SRP $23.50 CAD OSPnvg230

OSPobk000 Fortune and Glory: A Treasure Hunter's Handbook SRP $17.95 CAD

OSPobk004 Dwarf Warfare SRP $19.50 CAD

OSPowg012 En Garde! Swashbucking Skirmish Wargame Rules SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPowg013 Dragon Rampant SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPwpn044 Flintlock Musket SRP $24.95 CAD

Worthington Games:

WOG-WPUB002 1776: The New York Campaign SRP $65.00 USD WOG-WPUB002


New Arrivals December 10th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-MW021 MW:Kandahar: Special Forces in Afghanistan SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW021

DCG1713 Lettow-Vorbeck: East Africa 1914-1918 SRP $12.95 USD DCG1713

DCG1716 MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951 SRP $12.95 USD

DCG1717 Suez '56: Anglo-French Intervention in Egypt (Solitaire) SRP $12.95 USD DCG1717

DCG1718 Khe Sanh '68 SRP $12.95 USD



New Arrivals December 5th, 2015

Compass Games:

CPA1031 Blitz! A World in Conflict (based on World in Flames) SRP $84.00 USD CPA1031

Legion Wargames:

LWG1501 The Battle of Tanga 1914: Invasion of German East Africa SRP $64.00 USD LWG1501

LWG1502 Quatre Batailles en Espagne: Peninsualr War 1808-1814 SRP $98.00 USD

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AP12 Action Pack #12: Oktoberfest XXX SRP $16.00 USD MMP-AP12

MMP-ASLRBp ASL Paperback Rulebook SRP $64.00 USD


New Arrivals November 25th, 2015

GMT Games:

GMT1506 U.S. Civil War SRP $75.00 USD GMT1506

GMT1512 CC: Tournament Battle Pack #7 SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1513 C&C Napoleonics: General Marchal; Tacticians SRP $55.00 USD

Hexasim Games:

HXA-VIC Victory Roads: From Bagration to the Fall of Berlin 1944-45 SRP $106.99 USD HXA-VIC

HXA-WAT Waterloo 1815: Fallen Eagles SRP $99.99 USD

Ludofolie Games:

LUD-MON Montmirail et Vauchamps 1814 SRP $42.00 USD

LUD-NML No Man's Land: Trench Warfare 1914-1918 SRP $42.00 USD LUD-NML

Vae Victis:

VJA022 The Marshals III: Augereau 1814 & Eugen 1814 SRP $38.00 USD


New Arrivals November 12th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW045 WAW: Panzer East (Solitaire): Army Group Center; Summer 1941 SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0295 S&T: Gates of Vienna (1683) SRP $34.99 USD DCG0295

DCG0296 S&T: Korean War Battles SRP $34.99 USD

Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP-1646 LnLT: Battle Pack Alpha 2nd Edition SRP $29.99 USD

LLP-1738 LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific SRP $64.99 USD LLP-1738

LLP-1806 All Things Zombie – Reloaded SRP $59.99 USD

LLP-1950 CC: Totensonntag 2nd Edition SRP $34.99 USD

LLP-1967 CC: Dawn's Early Light: Red Hammer SRP $34.99 USD

LLP-2025 Tank on Tank: East Front SRP $39.99 USD LLP-2025

LLP-2032 Rommel at Gazala 2nd Edition SRP $34.99 USD

LLP-2360 Heroes of the Colosseum SRP $54.99 USD LLP-2360

LLP-2391 LnLT: Days of Villainy SRP $24.99 USD LLP-2391

LLP-2452 WAW: The Texan War of Independence SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2506 LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific X-Maps SRP $19.99 USD

LLP-2674 LnLT: Noville: Bastogne's Outpost X-Maps SRP $29.99 USD

Victory Point Games:

VPG-BT Bountytown SRP $35.99 USD

VPG-CaK Conquest of Kismet SRP $29.99 USD VPG-CaK

VPG-DNX4 Darkest Night Expansion #4: In Tales of Old SRP $23.99 USD

VPG-FSN Frontier Stations (SciFi) SRP $40.99 USD


VPG-FTCX3 For the Crown: Expansion #3: Between Heaven and Earth! SRP $22.99 USD
VPG-HD20 Hundred Days 20: Tolentino 20 & Waterloo 20 3rd Edition SRP $49.99 USD VPG-HD20
VPG-ICA Icaris SRP $29.99 USD
VPG-WftB Wings for the Baron (German Aeroplane Manufacturing) SRP $48.99 USD VPG-WftB



 New Arrivals November 6th, 2015

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-005 Modern Land Battles: Target Acquired SRP $54.99 USD  DV1-005

DV1-030E Warfighter: Speedball Expansion SRP $19.99 USD  

DV1-030F Warfighter: United Kingdom Expansion SRP $19.99 USD  

DV1-030G Warfighter: Russian Federation Expansion SRP $19.99 USD  

DV1-030H Warfighter: Eastern European Adversaries Expansion SRP $19.99 USD  

DV1-030I Warfighter: Footlocker Storage Case SRP $49.99 USD  


 New Arrivals October 23rd, 2015

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AP11 Action Pack #11: 29 Let's Go! SRP $25.00 USD  

MMP-SP06 Special Ops Issue #6: Storm Over Normandy SRP $32.00 USD  

MMP-TGD The Greatest Day: Sword; Juno and Gold SRP $264.00 USD MMP-TGD

Osprey Publishing: 

OSPosg005 They Come Unseen SRP $63.95 CAD  OSPosg005


New Arrivals October 19th, 2015

Against the Odds:

COA-ATOGA14 Against the Odds Annual: Set Europe Ablaze (Resistance WWII) SRP $49.95 USD COA-ATOGA14

Decision Games:

DCG1026 D-Day at Peleliu: 15 September 1944 SRP $60.00 USD DCG1026

DCG-MW020 MW:Race to Baghdad 2003 (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD

DCG-WAW044 WAW: Night Fight: Solitaire East Front Tactics SRP $34.99 USD DCG-WAW044

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472806314 Finland at War: The Winter War 1939-40 SRP $44.95 CAD

OSP1472809353 American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion SRP $33.95 CAD

OSP1472812971 Warriors SRP $19.50 CAD

OSP1472815293 The First Blitz SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPavd023 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-F Series SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPbtc011 Empires in Flames SRP $38.95 CAD

OSPcam286 Catalaunian Fields AD 451 SRP $28.50 CAD

OSPcam287 Tippecanoe 1811 SRP $28.50 CAD

OSPcmb014 German Infantryman vs British Infantryman - France 1940 SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPcmd032 Gustaf Mannerheim SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPcom112 Luftwaffe Mistel Composit Bomber Units SRP $29.95 CAD

OSPdak010 Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow; The SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPdak011 Bug Hunts SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPdue069 US Navy Carrier Aircraft vs IJN Yamato Class Battleships SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPmaa503 Hitler's Russian & Cossack Allies 1941-45 SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPnvg223 T-64 Battle Tank SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPnvg224 Polish Armor of the Blitzkrieg SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPnvg225 Republican Roman Warships 509-27 BC SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPnvg226 Commonwealth Cruisers 1939-45 SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPobk002 Dinosaur Hunter SRP $16.95 CAD

OSPobk003 Science Fiction and Fantasy Quiz Book; The SRP $16.95 CAD

OSPosg001 The King is Dead: Diplomacy & War in King Arthur's Britain SRP $29.99 CAD OSPosg001

OSPosg002 Tiny Games for Home SRP $10.45 CAD

OSPosg003 Tiny Games for Work SRP $10.45 CAD

OSPosg004 Secret Santa SRP $19.50 CAD

OSPowg011 Black Ops - Tactical Espionage Wargaming SRP $23.50 CAD

OSPraid033 U-47 in Scapa Flow - The Sinking of HMS Royal Oak 1939 SRP $24.95 CAD

OSPwpn041 Flamethrower; The SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPwpn042 Winchester Lever-Action Rifles SRP $24.95 CAD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-05 The Victory of Arminius: Teutoburg Forest; IX AD SRP $34.95 CAD TPS-05



New Arrivals September 28th, 2015

GMT Games:

GMT0601-15 Pax Romana (Reprint) SRP $69.00 USD GMT0601-15

GMT1503 No Retreat 4: Italy SRP $65.00 USD GMT1503


New Arrivals August 20th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-MW019 Red Dragon Falling (Future Chinese Civil War) SRP $34.99 USD OSP-MW019

DCG-WAW043 Patton's Third Army SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0294 World War I (re-do of S&T #51) SRP $34.99 USD

DCG3008 Napoleon's Last Battles SRP $60.00 USD

DCG3033 Wellington's Victory: The Battle of Waterloo; 18 June 1815 (Revamped) SRP $160.00 USD DCG3033

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472807953 Germany Ascendant: The Eastern Front 1915 SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPavd021 Avro Lancaster SRP $22.50 CAD OSPavd021

OSPcam284 Guadalcanal 1942-43 SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPcmb013 US Marine vs NVA Soldier - Vietnam 1967-68 SRP $22.50 CAD OSPcmb013

OSPcmd031 Atilla the Hun SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue070 Panzer IV vs Sherman SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPeli207 World War II Partisan Warfare in Italy SRP $22.50 CAD


New Arrivals August 18th, 2015

GMT Games:

GMT1501 Triumph and Tragedy: European Balance of Power 1936-1945 SRP $89.00 USD

GMT1504 Churchill: Big Three Struggle for Peace (Political) SRP $89.00 USD GMT1504

GMT1505 Genesis: The Bronze Age in the Middle East SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1507 Wing Leader SRP $69.00 USD GMT1507

Osprey Publishing:

OSPcom111 A-10 Thunderbolt II Units of Operation Enduring Freedom Part 2 2008-14 SRP $26.95 CAD


New Arrivals August 6th, 2015

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472810618 Pacific War; The: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa SRP $11.95 CAD

OSP1472811318 The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS SRP $30.00 CAD

OSP1472815088 Osprey Military History Calendar 2016 SRP $17.99

OSPace127 Polish Spitfire Aces SRP $26.95 CAD OSPace127

OSPbtc012 Germany Strikes! SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPcam282 Leyte 1944 SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPcam285 Lewes and Evesham 1264-65 $25.95 CAD OSPcam285

OSPdak009 Wars of Atlantis; The SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPfor108 Germany's East Wall in World War II SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPmaa501 Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 SRP $21.50 CAD OSPmaa501

OSPnvg227 Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 SRP $21.50 CAD


New Arrivals July 29th, 2015

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-WO2015 Winter Offensive 2015 (#6) SRP $26.55 USD MMP-WO2015

Osprey Publishing:

OSPbtc012 Germany Strikes! SRP $35.00 CAD OSPbtc012

OSPcom110 Dornier Do 24 Units SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPfgv000 Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City SRP $28.95 CAD

The Gamers:

GMR0414 OCS: Beyond the Rhine: Campaigns for Northwest Europe September 1944 - April 1945 SRP $134.00 USD GMR0414

GMR0518 Day of Days (Standard Combat Series) SRP $110.00 USD


New Arrivals July 20th, 2015

Avalanche Press:

APL0327 PZG: An Army at Dawn: Tunisia 1942-1943 SRP $79.99 USD APL0327

APL0829 GWaS: High Seas Fleet SRP $29.99 USD

APL0840 SWWaS: The Habsburg Fleet SRP $39.99 USD APL0840

APL0857 PZG: Marianas 1944 SRP $34.99 USD

GMT Games:

GMT0104-15 Wilderness War (Reprint) SRP $60.00 USD Wilderness War

GMT0501-15 Empire of the Sun (Reprint) SRP $75.00 USD

GMT1502 The Gathering Storm SRP $105.00 USD Gathering Storm


New Arrival July 15th, 2015

Compass Games:

CPA1018 Enemy Action: Ardennes (CDG) SRP $145.00 USD CPA1018


New Arrival July 4th, 2015

Columbia Games:

COL3402 Victory in Europe SRP $89.98 USD COL3402


New Arrivals June 19th, 2015

Osprey Publishing: 

OSP1472808752 The SAS in World War II SRP $15.95 CAD

OSPavd020 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPcam280 Waterloo 1815 (3) SRP $25.95 CAD OSPcam280

OSPcmb012 Confederate Cavalryman vs Union Cavalryman - Eastern Theater 1861-65 SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPdue065 Bf 109 vs Yak-1/7 SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPeli206 Spetsnaz: Russia's Special Forces SRP $22.50 CAD OSPeli206

OSPobk001 Orc Warfare SRP $17.95 CAD

OSPwar176 Patriot Militiamen in the American War of Independence 1775-82 SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPwpn040 Gatling Gun; The SRP $22.50 CAD


New Arrivals June 12th, 2015

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-029A Cards of Cthulhu Bonus Pack SRP $19.99 USD

DV1-031 Tiger Leader (Solitaire) SRP $89.99 USD DV1-031


New Arrivals June 3rd, 2015

1A Games:

1AG-TD01NW Tide of Iron Next Wave Net $71.29 CAD

Decision Games:

DCG-MW018 MW: Green Beret: Vietnam (Solitaire) SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0293 S&T: 1066: Year of Three Battles SRP $34.99 USD DCG0293

Golden Egg Games:

GEG1005 Historia Net $50.74 CAD GEG1005


ZVE6215 Battle for Moscow 1941 Net $57.96 USD


New Arrivals May 15th, 2015

Compass Games:

CPA-SUP Breaking the Chains: Supplement SRP $8.00 USD

CPA1029 Balance of Powers (WWI Strategic) SRP $115.00 USD CPA1029

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472807908 Special Forces in the War on Terror SRP $38.95 CAD

OSP1472810595 Challenge of Battle: The British Army's Baptism of Fire in the First World War SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1472812797 Spitfire SRP $13.95 CAD

OSPace126 Aces of the Republic of China Air Force SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPacw003 Across A Deadly Field: War in the West SRP $41.00 CAD

OSPcam281 The Caucasus 1942-43 SRP $25.95 CAD OSPcama281

OSPdue066 Panzer II vs 7TP SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPeli205 British Army in Afghanistan 2006-14; The SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPmld014 Odin SRP $22.50 USD

OSPnvg222 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns of the Soviet Union SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPowg009 Fighting Sail - Fleet Actions 1775-1815 SRP $21.50 CAD OSPowg009

New Arrivals May 8th, 2015

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-HP ASL: Hakkaa Päälle! Complete OOB for the Finns SRP $96.00 USD MMP-HP

MMP-KGER Kawaguchi's Gamble: Edson's Ridge SRP $44.00 USD


New Arrivals May 2nd, 2015

Amarillo Design Bureau: 

ADB5718 F&E Compendium Vol 1 & 2 SRP $24.95 USD

ADB5750 Captain's Log #50 SRP $24.95 USD

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO1103 Islands of the Damned: Wake Island and Peleliu SRP $39.95 USD COA-ATO1103

Decision Games: 

DCG-WAW042 WAW: Pacific Battles 3: Shanghai '37 SRP $34.99 USD DCG-WAW042

DCG3008 Napoleon's Last Battles (Reprint) SRP $60.00 USD

GMT Games: 

GMT0006-15 Ukraine '43 (2nd Printing) SRP $55.00 USD GMT0006-15

GMT1008-15 Normandy '44 (2nd Printing) SRP $55.00 USD

GMT1411 1914: Serbien Muss Sterbien SRP $55.00 USD GMT1411

GMT9501-14 GBoH:  Alexander Deluxe SRP $99.00 USD GMT9501-15

GMT9506-14 GBoH: Diadochoi SRP $20.00 USD

GMT9703-14 GBoH: Phalanx SRP $20.00 USD

Lock ‘n Load:

LLP-LOF15 Line of Fire Magazine 15 SRP $44.99 USD

LLP4011 WAW: Compendium Vol. 2 SRP $49.99 USD LLP4011

Turning Point Simulations: 

TPS-14 The Valmy Campaign: The Revolution Saved; 1792 AD SRP $34.95 USD

TPS-18 The First Battle of the Marne; 1914 AD SRP $34.95 USD TPS-18

Victory Point Games:

VPG-AOF Angels One Five: Fighters vs. Bombers in WWII SRP $41.99 USD VPG-AOF

VPG-PP Pew Pew! Solitaire Space Game SRP $22.99 USD

VPG-PRU Prussia 20: Jena 20 2nd Edition & Eylau 20 SRP $43.99 USD

VPG-WAL Wallachia 20: Russo-Turkish War 1806-12 (2 Games) SRP $36.99 USD VPG-WAL


New Arrivals April 20th, 2015

Avalanche Press:

APL0321 PZG: Kursk: Burning Tigers SRP $79.99 USD APL0321

APL0858 PZG: Iron Curtain; Red & White SRP $24.99 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472804853 Airborne: The Combat Story of Ed Shames of Easy Company SRP $30.00 CAD

OSP1472807212 Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer SRP $41.00 CAD OSP1472807212

OSP1472807694 Vietnam: A View from the Front Lines SRP $18.95 CAD

OSP1472808721 Battle of Britain; The SRP $17.95 CAD OSP1472808721

OSPcmb011 German Infantryman vs Russian Infantryman 1914-15 SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPcom109 Su-25 'Frogfoot' Units in Combat SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPmaa500 Armies of Castile and Aragon 1370-1516 SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPnvg221 Gunboats of World War I SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPraid049 Stirling's Desert Triumph - The SAS Egyptian Airfield Raids 1942 SRP $22.50 CAD OSPraid049

ODPwar175 Roman Legionary AD 284-337 SRP $22.50 CAD


New Arrivals April 7th, 2015

Devir Games:

DVR1714 1714: The Case of the Catalans SRP $66.00 USD DVR1714

GMT Games:

GMT-C3i28 C3i Issue #28 SRP $25.00 USD

GMT0011-14 For the People II (Reprint) SRP $65.00 USD GMT0011-14

GMT0012-14 Battle Line (Reprint) SRP $22.00 USD

GMT1002-14 Washington's War (Reprint) SRP $60.00 USD

GMT9903-14 Paths of Glory (Reprint) SRP $60.00 USD GMT9903-14


New Arrivals March 31st, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-MW017 MW: Dien Bien Phu SRP $34.99 USD DCG-MW017

DCG-SPW110 Tannenburg: Introductory Game for the Der Weltkrieg Series SRP $19.95 USD

DCG0292 S&T: North Cape: Convoy Battles in the North Atlantic 1942-45 SRP $34.99 USD DCG0292

DCG1631 Masuria: Winter Battle 1915 SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1632 Tannenburg: East Prussia; August 1914 SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1633 Suez 1916: The Ottomans Strike SRP $19.95 USD DCG1633

DCG1634 Gaza 1917: Gateway to Jerusalem SRP $19.95 USD

Multiman Publishing:


Osprey Publishing:

OSPcom108 A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Vietnam War SRP $26.95 CAD


New Arrivals March 23rd, 2015

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472806697 Gallipoli: Command Under Fire SRP $30.00 CAD OSP1472807645

OSP1472807496 Between Giants: The Battle for the Baltics in World War II SRP $18.95 CAD

OSP1472807915 Company of Heroes: A Forgotten Medal of Honor and Bravo Company's War in Vietnam SRP $28.95 CAD

OSPcam278 Cherbourg 1944 SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPcam279 Appomattox 1865 SRP $25.95 CAD OSPcam279

OSPdak007 Werewolves: A Hunter's Guide SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPmaa499 Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70 SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPnvg220 US Standard-type Battleships 1941-45 (1) SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPwpn039 Mauser Military Rifles SRP $22.50 CAD


New Arrivals March 18th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW041 WAW: Mare Nostrum (WWII Med Front) SRP $59.99 USD DCG-WAW041

Operational Studies Group:

OSG205 Napoleon Against Russia SRP $120.00 USD OSG205


New Arrivals March 4th, 2015

Compass Games:

CPA-PW0079 Paper Wars 79: Thunderbirds at War: RCAF 426 Squadron Night Missions 1943 (Solitaire) SRP $49.99 USD

CPA1025 La Bataille de France 1940 SRP $80.00 USD CPA1025


New Arrivals February 26th, 2015


LUD-AIE Alea Iacta Est SRP $37.99 USD LUD-AIE

LUD-LXIDS Louis XI: The Dauphin and the Sword SRP $37.99 USD

LUD-LXITS Louis XI: The Truce or the Sword SRP $37.99 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472806703 Tanks: 100 Years of Evolution SRP $30.00 CAD


VJA020 Hanau 1813 SRP $33.99 USD

VJA021 Avec Infini Regret SRP $33.99 USD Avec Infini Regret


New Arrivals February 20th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-MW016 MW: Visegrad: The Coming War in Europe (Russia vs East NATO) SRP $34.99 USD

DCG0291 S&T: Warpath (American Indian Wars) SRP $34.99 USD DCG0291

DCG1024 Atlantic Wall: D-Day to Falaise SRP $240.00 US DCG1024


New Arrivals February 18th, 2015

Clash of Arms Games:

COA1006121 Legions of Honour (Card Game) (RPG) SRP $65.00 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472805898 Battle of Waterloo; The SRP $17.98 CAD

OSPace125 F4F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat Aces of VF-2 SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPbtc010 Ostfront SRP $35.00 CAD OSPbtc010

OSPcam277 Waterloo 1815 (2) SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPcmb010 Chindit vs Japanese Infantryman 1943-44 SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPeli204 Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPnvg219 Riot Control Vehicles SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPraid048 Storming Monte La Difensa - The First Special Service Force at the Winter Line; Italy 1943

(Devil's Brigade) SRP $22.50 CAD OSPraid048

OSPwpn038 Hand Grenade; The SRP $22.50 CAD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-08 Hastings 1066 AD SRP $34.95 USD TPS-08


New Arrivals February 3rd, 2015

Legion War Games:

LWG1403 Toulon 1795 SRP $70.00 USD LWG1403


New Arrivals January 29th, 2015

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782008293 Enduring Freedom; Enduring Voices SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPace123 Reconnaissance and Bomber Aces of World War 1 SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPavd018 Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-D Series SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPcam265 Fall Gelb 1940 (2) SRP $25.95 CAD OSPcam265

OSPdue064 Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPmaa498 Spanish Civil War; The 1936-39 (2) SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPmld013 Knights of the Round Table; The SRP $22.50 CAD

OSPnvg218 T-26 Light Tank SRP $21.50 CAD

OSPwar174 British Paratrooper 1940-45 SRP $22.50 CAD OSPwar178


New Arrivals January 27th, 2015

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW040 WAW: Stalingrad Cauldron & Rampage SRP $34.95 USD DCG-WAW040

DCG3004 Leningrad (Reprint) SRP $24.95 USD DCG3004


New Arrivals January 23rd, 2015

Excalibre Games:

EXC5002 East Front (Vintage - 1976) SRP $53.65 USD EXC5002


GMT Games:

GMT0512-MM Here I Stand Mounted Map SRP $11.30 USD

GMT0909-14 C&C: Ancients Expansion #4: Imperial Rome (Reprint) SRP $33.90 USD

GMT1005-MM Stalin's War Mounted Map SRP $11.30 USD

GMT1114-14 C&C: Napoleonics Expansion #1: Spanish Army (Reprint) SRP $31.08 USD

GMT1115-14 C&C: Ancients Expansion #6: Spartan Army (Reprint) SRP $31.08 USD

GMT1204-MM Bomber Command Mounted Map SRP $11.30 USD

GMT1301-14 C&C: Napoleonics Expansion #2: Russian Army (Reprint) SRP $31.08 USD

GMT1317-14 The Hunters: German U-Boats at War (Reprint) SRP $25.43 USD

GMT1407 C&C: Ancients: Expansions 2&3 Combo Pack SRP $31.08 USD

GMT1408 C&C Napoleonics: Prussian Army SRP $31.08 USD GMT1408

GMT1412 Next War: Taiwan SRP $48.03 USD GMT1412

GMT1415 Blue Cross White Ensign (Flying Colours Series) SRP $33.90 USD GMT1415

GMT9801-MM Saratoga Mounted Map SRP $11.30 USD

GMT-MISC1 Blank White 1/2 Inch Counters SRP $1.70 USD

GMT-MISC2 Blank Multi-Colour 1/2 Inch Counters SRP $1.70 USD

GMT-MISC3 Blank White 9/16 Inch Counters SRP $1.70 USD

GMT-MISC4 Blank White 5/8 Inch Counters SRP $1.70 USD

GMT-MISC5 Blank Multi-Colour 5/8 Inch Counters SRP $1.70 USD

GMT-MISC6 Spare CC: Europe Card Deck Set SRP $14.13 USD

GMT-MISC7 Spare Command and Colours Deck SRP $5.65 USD


Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AP10 ASL: Action Pack #10 SRP $11.30 USD MMP-AP10



Top 10 Selling Games 2014:

1. D-Day at Omaha (DCG)

2. Vimy Ridge (DCG)

3. Fire in the Lake (GMT)

4. Decision at Elst (MMP)

5. Twilight Struggle (GMT)

6. ASL Starter Kit 1 (MMP)

7. Battle of the Scheldt (DCG)

8. RAF: Lion vs Eagle (DCG)

9. Thunder Alley (GMT)

10. D-Day at Tarawa (DCG)

Top 10 Selling Magazines 2014:

1. C3i 27 (GMT)

2. S&T 286: Sparta vs Athens (DCG)

3. S&T 285: Duel on the Steppe (DCG)

4. MW 11: Greek Civil War (DCG)

5. S&T 289: War of Austrian Succession (DCG)

6. MW 10: Target Iran (DCG)

7. MW 12: Dragon vs Bear (DCG)

8. WAW 38: Ghost Division (DCG)

9. WAW 39: France Fights On (DCG)

10. MW 14: Carrier Battle Group (DCG)

New Arrivals December 19th, 2014

Dan Verssen Games: 

DV1-022 Fleet Commander Nimitz SRP $99.99 USD DV1-022

DV1-CT Deep Dish Counter Tray SRP $2.99 USD 

Griggling Games:

GGM003 Quartermaster General Net $36.21 USD GGM003

Worthington Publishing:

WOG-WPUB003 Scotland Rising: Bannockburn Net $32.63 USD


New Arrivals December 10th, 2014

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-SITREP47 Naval Sitrep Magazine 47 SRP $6.95 USD

Decision Games:

DCG-MW015 MW: Red Tide West (Germany 1980's) SRP $49.99 USD Red Tide West

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472801463 Imperial Japanese Navy SRP $46.00 CAD

OSPacw002 Across A Deadly Field: War in the East SRP $41.00 CAD OSPacw002

OSPeli199 WWI Battlefield Artillery Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPess078 Russia's War in Chechnya SRP $21.95 CAD

OSPnvg217 British Light Tanks 1927-45 SRP $18.95 CAD


New Arrivals December 2nd, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG0290 S&T: Angola: 1987-88 Campaign SRP $29.99 USD DCG0290

Osprey Publishing:

OSPcom101 F-104 Starfighter Units SRP $23.95 CAD


New Arrivals November 18th, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW039 WAW:  France Fights On (Alternative History) SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW039


Osprey Publishing: 

OSP1472801128 Land of the Free SRP $36.95 CAD

OSP1472807502 Pointblank Directive SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1472808691 Ship Spotter's Guide SRP $11.95 CAD

OSP1472809131 Helmand to the Himalayas SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPavd017 F-4U Corsair SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPbtc009 Battleground Europe SRP $31.95 CAD OSPbtc009

OSPcam276 Waterloo 1815 (1) SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcmb009 Continental vs Redcoat SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdak006 Steampunk Soldiers SRP $28.95 CAD

OSPdue061 Crusader vs MiG-17 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue063 Panzer III vs Somua S 35 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmaa497 Armies of the Russo-Polish War SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmld012 Theseus & the Minotaur SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg216 Super Heavy Tanks of WWII SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg216

OSPwar173 Mamluk 'Askari 1250-1517 SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals November 12th, 2014

Dan Verssen Games: 

DV1-030 Warfighter SRP $59.99 USD DV1-030

DV1-030A Warfighter: Reloading Expansion SRP $19.99 USD

DV1-030B Warfighter: Steealth Expansion SRP $19.99 USD

DV1-030C Warfighter: Support Expansion SRP $19.99 USD

DV1-030D Warfighter: Bonus Bullet Dice SRP $9.99 USD


The Gamers: 

GMR0409 Korea: The Forgotten War (reprint) SRP $90.00 USD GMR0409

New Arrivals November 4th, 2014

GMT Games:

GMT1413 Enemy Coast Ahead: Damnbuster Raid SRP $55.00 USD GMT1413

GMT1414 GBACW: Twin Peaks SRP $59.00 USD GMT1414


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472801043 Waterloo: The Decisive Victory SRP $58.00 CAD

OSP1472801333 No Victory in Valhalla (U.S.  506 Parachute Regiment in WWII) SRP $33.00 CAD

OSP1472804846 America's Secret Mig Squadron SRP $21.95 CAD

OSP1782003687 Captured Eagles SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPavd016 Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam274 Shennandoah 1864 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcam275 Ramillies 1706 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcom106 Savola-Marchetti 5.79 Sparviero Torpedo Bomber Units SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcom107 F-105 Thunderchief MiG Killers of the Vietnam War SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPdak005 Jack the Ripper SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli203 World War II US Navy Special Warfare Units SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmaa496 The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg215 Panzer 38(t) SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid047 Behind Soviet Lines - Hitler's Brandenburgers capture the Maikop Oilfileds 1942 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn037 The M14 Battle Rifle SRP $19.95 CAD

New Arrivals October 23rd, 2014

Avalanche Press:

APL0826 IoD: Fortress Malta SRP $39.99 USD

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-029 The Cards of Cthulhu SRP $39.99 USD

Decision Games:

DCG-MW014 MW: Carrier Battle Group (vs. Soviets in North Atlantic in the 1980's) SRP $29.99 USD

DCG1025 D-Day at Tarawa (Solitaire) SRP $60.00 USD DCG1025

Legion War Games:

LWG1401 Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble SRP $62.00 USD

LWG1402 Ici C'est la France: The Algerian War of Independence SRP $56.00 USD LWG1402


New Arrivals October 3rd, 2014

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB4009 FC: Tactics Manual SRP $24.95 USD ADB4009

ADB5748 Captain's Log #48 SRP $24.95 USD

ADB5749 Captain's Log #49 SRP $24.95 USD

ADB8010 Away Team Log SRP $24.95 USD


Victory Point Games:

VPG-DNX3 Darkest Night Expansion #3: From the Abyss SRP $19.99 USD

VPG-FTCX2 For the Crown: Expansion 2: The World is Round SRP $19.99 USD

VPG-IS2 Imperial Stars II SRP $24.99 USD VPG-IS2

VPG-ISH2 I Say Holmes 2nd Edition SRP $34.99 USD

VPG-MBD Mound Builders (Solitaire) SRP $32.99 USD

VPG-SSRA The South Shall Rise Again (Zombies) SRP $29.99 USD VPG-SSRA

VPG-TENS Tenka - Shogun Edition SRP $34.99 USD

VPG-TRF Trifecta SRP $10.99 USD


New Arrivals September 24th, 2014

Decision Games:

 DCG0289 S&T: War of Austrian Succession SRP $29.99 USD DCG0289


New Arrivals September 20th, 2014

GMT Games:

 GMT1410 Glory's End/When Eagles Fight (Reprints of Command Magazine Games on WWI) SRP $59.00 USD GMT1410

Osprey Publishing:

 OSP1472807731 Peninsular War Atlas; The (Revised) SRP $85.00 CAD

OSP1782006251 Where the Iron Crosses Grow SRP $35.00 CAD

OSP1782009320 Imperial Japanese Army; The SRP $35.00 CAD

OSPace122 Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPbtc008 Tank War SRP $25.95 CAD OSPbtc008

OSPcam272 Kursk 1943 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcam273 Point Pleasant 1774 SRP $22.95CAD

OSPcmb008 US Marine vs Japanese Infantryman SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli202 British Army Since 2000; The SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld011 Sinbad the Sailor SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg214 US Heavy Cruisers 1943-75 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPowg008 Lion Rampant - Medieval Wargaming Rules SRP $18.95 CAD OSPowg008

OSPraid045 Killing Bin Laden SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPraid046 Montcalm's Crushing Blow SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals September 17th, 2014

Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP-LOF01 Line of Fire Magazine 1 SRP $39.99 USD

LLP-LOF02 Line of Fire Magazine 2 SRP $39.99 USD

LLP-LOF03 Line of Fire Magazine 3 SRP $39.99 USD

LLP-LOF04 Line of Fire Magazine 4 SRP $39.99 USD

LLP-LOF05 Line of Fire Magazine 5 SRP $39.99 USD

LLP-LOF06 Line of Fire Magazine 6 SRP $39.99 USD

Omega Games:

OME-BGG1 SS Abyss: Hungary 1945 SRP $34.95 USD OME-BGG1

OME-PW71-72 Paper War Double Issue #71-72 SRP $16.00 USD

OME-PW73-74 Paper War Double Issue #73-74 SRP $16.00 USD

OME-PW75-76 Paper War Double Issue #74-75 SRP $16.00 USD


New Arrivals September 11th, 2014

The Gamers:

GMR0517 The Mighty Endeavour 2nd Edition SRP $58.00 USD GMR0517

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-ASLSK1up ASL Starter Kit 1 updated SRP $25.00 USD

MMP-SP05 Special Ops Issue #5: The Battle of Bushy Run; 1763 (British/American relief of Fort Pitt [Pittsburgh]) SRP $30.00 USD Bushy Run


New Arrivals September 6th, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG-MW013 MW: Next War in Lebanon SRP $29.99 USD

DCG-WAW038 WAW: Ghost Division (Solitaire) SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW038

Devil Pig Games:

IEL51134 Heroes of Normandie Net $52.84 CAD IEL51134

Days of Wonder:

DOW730023 Memoire '44: D-Day Landings Expansion (6 Maps) Net $31.61 CAD


New Arrivals September 2nd, 2014

GMT Games:

 GMT1406 Won by the Sword: Great Campaigns of the 30 Years War SRP $55.00 USD 

GMT1409 Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam (COIN Volume IV) SRP $85.00 USD GMT1409

New Arrivals August 27th, 2014

Columbia Games:

COL3301 Bobby Lee 3rd Edition SRP $74.98 USD COL3301-14

GMT Games:

GMT1404 Panzer Expansion #3 SRP $75.00 USD GMT1404


New Arrivals August 16th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

 OSP1472803351 Invasion 1914: The Schelieffen Plan to the Battle of the Marne SRP $17.95 CAD OSP1472803351

OSPacw001 Across A Deadly Field SRP $45.00 CAD

OSPcam270 Operation Market-Garden 1944 (1) SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam271

OSPcam271 The Conquest of Saxony AD 782-785 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPdak004 Vampires: A Hunter's Guide SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue062 F6F Hellcat vs A6M Zero-sen SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg208 US Navy Dreadnoughts 1914-45 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPowg007 On the Seven Seas SRP $18.95 CAD OSPowg007

OSPwpn036 Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals August 14th, 2014

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO1102 Against the Odds #42: A Thunder Upon the Land: The Battles of Narva and Poltava SRP $39.95 USD COA-ATO042

Clash of Arms:

COA-SITREP46 Naval Sitrep Magazine 46 SRP $6.95 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPcom104 AV-8B Harrier II Units of Operation Enduring Freedom SRP $23.95 CAD



New Arrivals July 29th, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG0288: S&T: Hindenburg's War: Decision in the Trenches; 1918 (SE) SRP $49.99 USD DCG0288


New Arrivals July 18th, 2014

GMT Games:

 GMT0510-14 Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1405 Thunder Alley SRP $64.00 USD

 Osprey Publishing: 

OSP1782009313 American Tanks and AFVs of World War II SRP $47.00 CAD

OSPace120 P-38 Lightning Aces 1942-43 SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPavd015 Junkers Ju 87 Stuka SRP $19.95 CAD OSPavd015

OSPcam269 Alesia 52 BC SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcmb007 German Infantryman vs Soviet Rifleman SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld010 Charlemagne and the Paladins SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg213 French Tanks of World War II (2) SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg213

OSPwar172 Apache Warrior 1860-86 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn031 MP 38 and MP 40 Submachine Guns SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn035 The MPS Submachine Gun SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals July 16th, 2014

Compass Games:

 CPA1024 End of Empire: 1744-1783 (3 Games in 1: War of Austrian Succession & Seven Years War in North America and American Revolution) SRP $99.00 USD CPA1024

 Decision Games:

 DCG-WAW037 WAW: Bloody Ridge: Guadalcanal; Sept 1941 (Solitaire) SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW037



New Arrivals June 19th, 2014

The Gamers:

 GMR0413 OCS: Reluctant Enemies SRP $52.00 USD GMR0413 

Multiman Publishing:

 MMP-DOE Decision at Elst SRP $64.00 USD MMP-DAE

 MMP-SODBP Storm Over Dien Bien Phu SRP $45.00 USD MMP-SODBP

MMP-WO2014 Winter Offensive 2014 Net $15.00 USD 


New Arrivals June 14th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782006480 Collision of Empires: The War on the Eastern Front in 1914 SRP $34.00 CAD

OSPavd014 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam263 Hong Kong 1941-45 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam263

OSPcom103 F9F Panther Units of the Korean War SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcom105 RAF Canberra Units of the Cold War SRP $23.95 CAD 

OSPnvg212 Axis Midget Submarines SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPowg003B IHMN: Sleeping Dragon; Rising Sun SRP $18.95 CAD OSPowg003B

OSPraid044 Carlson's Marine Raiders - Makin Island 1942 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwar171 Soviet Partisan 1941-44 SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals June 12th, 2014

Decision Games:

 DCG-MW012 MW: Dragon vs Bear SRP $29.99 USD DCG-MW012

 DCG4201 Napoleon at Waterloo (New Edition) SRP $29.95 USD

New Arrivals May 23rd, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG0287 S&T: Goeben 1914 SRP $29.99 USD DCG0287


New Arrivals May 15th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782004103 US Marine Corps Fighter Squadrons of World War II SRP $30.00 CAD 

OSPace121 Morane-Saulnier MS.406 Aces SRP $23.95 CAD 

OSPcam267 Wilderness and Spotsylvania 1864 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam267

OSPcmb006 Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPmaa495 The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 (1) SRP $18.95 CAD 

OSPmld009 Wizards SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPnvg207 Medium Mark A Whippet SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg207

OSPwpn033 Soviet Submachine Guns of World War II SRP $19.95 CAD 


New Arrivals April 24th, 2014

Lock ‘n Load:

 LLP1011 LnL: Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition (Reprint) SRP $64.99 USD


 MMP-AP9 Action Pack #9: To the Bridge SRP $34.00 USD MMP-AP9

New Arrivals April 8th, 2014

Against the Odds:

 COA-ATO1101 Against the Odds #41: Circle of Fire: Siege of Cholm 1942 SRP $39.95 USD COA-ATO1101

COA-ATOGA13 Against the Odds Annual: La Bataille de Vauchamps SRP $49.95 USD


Decision Games:

 DCG-MW011 MW: Greek Civil War 1947-49 SRP $29.99 USD DCG-MW011

DCG1629 Battle of the Scheldt: The Devil's Moat SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1712 Salem Church: East of Chancellorsville SRP $9.95 USD

New Arrivals April 2nd, 2014

Multiman Productions:

MMP-BoF Best of Friends SRP $16.00 USD

Operational Studies Group:

OSG204 La Patrie en Danger; 1814 SRP $89.00 USD OSG204

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780967264 Rising Sun; Falling Skies SRP $31.95 CAD


New Arrivals March 31st, 2014

Excalibre Games:

New to me vintage 1977:

EXC-Z101 Sidi Rezegh SRP $16.95 USD

EXC-Z102 Cassino SRP $16.95 USD

EXC-Z103 Caen SRP $16.95 USD

EXC-Z104 Crimea SRP $21.95 USD EXC-Z104

EXC-Z105 Total War SRP $17.95 USD


Victory Point Games:

VPG-CT2 Circus Train 2nd Edition SRP $63.95 USD

VPG-CQ Candle Quest SRP $24.99 USD

VPG-DoBGH Days of Battle: Golan Heights SRP $36.99 USD VPG-DoBGH

VPG-DoW Dawgs of War SRP $24.99 USD

VPG-HE Hapsburg Eclipse SRP $29.99 USD VPG-HE

VPG-HG Hell's Gate: Korsun Pocket 1944 SRP $29.95 USD

VPG-L20 Leipzig 20: The Battle of Nations SRP $39.95 USD

VPG-MA Moonbase Alpha SRP $31.95 USD

VPG-SS Swing States 2012 SRP $34.95 USD


New Arrivals March 27th, 2014

Compass Games:

CPA1008 Proud Monster Deluxe: The War in Russia June 1941 to April 1944 SRP $130.00 USD

CPA1010 No Peace Without Spain: The War of Spanish Succession 1702-13 SRP $59.00 USD CPA1010

Decision Games:

DCG0286 S&T: Sparta vs Athens: The Peloponnesian Wars 431 BC to 404 BC SRP $29.99 USD

New Arrivals March 25th, 2014

Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP1017 LnL: ANZAC Attack 2nd Edition SRP $44.99 USD LLP1017

LLP110001 Nuklear Winter '68 SRP $59.99 USD

LLP110002 Nuclear Winter: Heart of Darkness SRP $49.99 USD

New Arrivals March 15th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472803344 Letters from the Front SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1782008284 Hitler's Fortresses SRP $45.00 CAD OSP-GNM

OSPace119 F6F Hellcat Aces of VF-9 SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPavd013 Albatros D.III SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam266 Bayonne and Toulouse 1813-14 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPeli200 World War II Glider Assault Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld008 The Fall of Troy SRP $19.95 CAD OSPmld008

OSPnvg211 US Cold War Aircraft Carriers SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPwpn034 Lewis Gun; The SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals March 12th, 2014

Compass Games:

CPA1020 Breaking the Chains: War in the South China Seas SRP $60.00 USD CPA1020

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW035 WAW: Strike North: Alternative Japanese Attack on Soviet Union SRP $29.99 USD

GMT Games:

GMT0609-13 Combat Commander: Europe SRP $79.00 USD

GMT0709-13 CC: Mediterranean SRP $79.00 USD

GMT0710-14 CC: Battle Pack No.1: Paratroopers SRP $20.00 USD

GMT0812-14 CC: Battle Pack No.2: Stalingrad SRP $35.00 USD

GMT1314 1914 Offensive a outrance SRP $115.00 USD GMT1314

GMT1319 Blood and Roses SRP $59.00 USD

GMT1401 CC: Battle Pack No.6: Sea Lion SRP $27.00 USD GMT1401

Victory Point Games:

VPG-CUBA Cuba: The Splendid Little War SRP $39.95 USD

VPG-DNX2 Darkest Night Expansion #2: On Shifting Winds SRP $24.99 USD

VPG-KNK  Knockout (Boxing) SRP $25.99 USD

VPG-PKB Paul Koenig's Bulge: 6th Panzer Army SRP $29.99 USD

VPG-SotP Sign of the Pagan: The Battle of Catalurian Fields 451 AD (Rome vs Attila) SRP #24.99 USD VPG-SotP


New Arrivals February 20th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782206435 Civil War SRP $35.00 CAD

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-LCV Last Chance for Victory (Gettysburg) SRP $180.00 USD

MMP-LW Lincoln's War SRP $80.00 USD MMP-LW

New Arrivals February 14th, 2014

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849088596 Challenge of Battle SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPcam259 Chesapeake Campaign; The 1813-1815 SRP $22.95 CAD Chesapeake

OSPcam268 Operation Neptune 1944 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcom102 F-111 & EF-111 Units in Combat SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPdue057 Q Ships vs U-Boat SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli198 US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmaa492 Modern African Wars (4) SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa493 Hitler's Blitzkrieg Enemies 1940 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg209 French Tanks of World War II (1) SRP $18.95 CAD French Tanks 1

OSPowg006 A Fistful of Kung Fu - Hong Kong Movie Wargame Rules SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid043 Kill Rommel! - Operation Flipper 1941 Kill Rommel! - Operation Flipper 1941 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn032 Browning .30-caliber Machine Guns SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals February 12th, 2014

Excalibre Games:


GMT Games:

GMT-C3i27 C3i Issue #27 SRP $25.00 USD

New Arrivals February 7th, 2014

Decision Games:

DCG-MW010 MW: Target Iran SRP $29.99 USD DCG-MW010
DCG1013R Storm of Steel SRP $160.00 USD DCG1013R
DCG1627 Vimy Ridge: Arras Diversion SRP $19.95 USD DCG1627
DCG1710 Molino Del Rey: Gateway to Mexico City SRP $9.95 USD


New Arrivals January 21st, 2014

1A Games:

1AG-TD07 ToI: Stalingrad SRP $59.95 USD

Avalanche Press:

APL0046 GWaS: Russo-Japanese War SRP $59.99 USD APL0046

APL0846 PZG: Iron Curtain Hammer & Sickle SRP $24.99 USD

 Academy Games:

AYG5103 CoH: Wrecks and Destruction on the Eastern Front SRP $10.00 USD

Bellica 3rd Generation:

BEL-COC03 Campaign Commander Volume III: Punic Island SRP $58.00 USD

Compass Games:

CPA078 Paper Wars 78: Rocket's Red Glare SRP $59.95 USD

CPA1022 Crusade and Revolution: The Spanish Civil War; 1936-1939 SRP $85.00 USD CAP1022

Legion War Games:

LWG1301 Picket Duty: Kamakazi Attacks against US Destroyers; Okinawa; 1945 (Solitaire) SRP $64.00 USD

Mercury Games:

MCY1202 Guns of Gettysburg SRP $69.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG067 Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer SRP $75.00 USD WOG067

WOG085 Gettysburg 150 SRP $65.00 USD


New Arrivals January 20th, 2014

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-SITREP45 Naval Sitrep Magazine 45 SRP $6.95 USD

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-008 Battle for Stalingrad SRP $39.99 USD DV1-008

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW034 WAW: Guards Armour Division SRP $49.99 USD DCG-WAW034

DCG0285 S&T: Duel on the Steppe: Operation Star & Gallop;  Winter 1943 SRP $29.99 USD 

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1472883337 The Boys of '67 SRP $16.95 CAD

OSPace117 Aces of the 325th Fighter Group SRP $23.95 CAD

OSpavd012 Lockheed A-12 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcmb005 British Infantryman vs German Infantryman SRP $19.95 CAD OSPcmb005

OSPdue055 FE 2b/d vs Albatros Scouts SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld007 Robin Hood SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg205 'Big Bertha' and German Siege Artillery of WWI SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPwar170 Roman Guardsman 62 BC-AD 324 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn022 The Sten Gun SRP $19.95 CAD

 Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-19 The Battle of Midway SRP $34.95 USD TPS-19


New Arrivals December 27th, 2013

Consim Press:

CSM2012 (GMT1317) The Hunters: German U-Boats at War SRP $40.00 USD CSM2013

GMT Games:

GMT1307 C&C: Napoleonics Exapansion #3: Austrian Army SRP $55.00 USD

GMT1312 No Retreat! 2: North Africa SRP $65.00 USD

GMT1313 The Dark Valley: The East Front Campaign 1941-45 SRP $59.00 USD GMT1313

GMT1316 The Supreme Commander: World War II in Europe; 1939-1945 SRP $65.00 USD

Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP-LOF14 Line of Fire Magazine 14 SRP $44.99 USD



New Arrivals December 21st, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSPcam261 Pylos and Sphacteria 425 BC SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPeli196 Napoleonic Light Cavalry Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD Napoleonic Light Cavalry Tactics

OSPess077 The Wars of Spanish American Independence 1809-1829 SRP $21.95 CAD

OSpnvg204 British Battleships 1914-1918 (2) SRP $18.95 CAD



New Arrivals December 14th, 2013

L2 Designs:

L2D-B&S Blood & Steel SRP $30.00 CAD

L2D-B&SX Blood & Steel Expansion SRP $35.00 CAD

L2D-B&SP Blood & Steel: Ponyri SRP $28.00 CAD

L2D-B&Sset Blood & Steel Set of 3 SRP $80.00 CAD

L2D-DBN Deluxe Breakout Normandy SRP $80.00 CAD

L2D-GF Grand Fleet SRP $70.00 CAD L2D-GF

L2D-OT Operation Typhoon: Barbarossa Denied SRP $15.00 CAD

L2D-RW Rommel's War SRP $90.00 CAD L2D-RW

L2D-WaS  War at Sea SRP $45.00 CAD

L2D-WFoF Waterloo: Fate of France SRP $75.00 CAD



New Arrivals December 12th, 2013

Paul Koenig Games:

PKG-FE Fortress Europe SRP $85.00 USD PKG-FE

Victory Point Games:

VPG-AE Abanadon Earth SRP $9.95 USD

VPG-CN Cruel Necessity: The English Civil Wars 1640-1653 SRP $39.99 USD

VPG-DA20 Danube 20: The Battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram SRP $39.95 USD

VPG-DNX1 Darkest Night Expansion #1: With an Inner Light SRP $19.95 USD

VPG-DOTZ2 Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition SRP $55.95 USD

VPG-GEM Gem Rush SRP $22.95 USD

VPG-IOIH If Only I Had SRP $29.95 USD

VPG-JS Journey Stones (Viking Abstract) SRP $29.95 USD

VPG-KR King's Ranson (Card Game) SRP $10.99 USD

VPG-OWNW Old World New World SRP $24.99 VPG-OWNW

VPG-SB2 Star Borders Vol 2: Aliens SRP $49.95 USD

VPG-SW Swytch SRP $9.95 USD

VPG-TRI Triest SRP $24.99 USD


New Arrivals November 26th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-MW009 MW: War by TV: Kosovo 1999 SRP $29.99 USD

DCG0284 S&T: Shenandoah SRP $29.99 USD

DCG1630 Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins SRP $19.99 USD DCG1630

DCG1711 Chantilly: Jackson's Missed Opportunity SRP $9.99 USD


HXA-NAPvsEUR Napoleon against Europe SRP $99.00 USD HXA-NAPvsEUR

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-SP04 Special Ops Issue #4: What Price Glory? France 1914-1918 SRP $24.00 USD


New Arrivals November 15th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782001881 World War I Companion SRP $29.95 CAD

OSP1782004073 China's Wars SRP $45.00 CAD

OSP1782008309 Deliver Us From Darkness SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPace116 Aces of Jagdgeschwader 3 'Udet' SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPace118 Aces of Jagdstaffel 17 SRP $23.95 CADOSPace118

OSPavd011 Curtiss P-40 Snub-nosed Kittyhawks and Warhawks SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPbtc007 Armies of Italy and the Axis SRP $25.95 CAD OSPbtc007

OSPcam260 Fort William Henry 1757 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcmb004 French Guardsman vs Russian Jaeger SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdak003 We Will Destroy Your Planet SRP $15.95 CAD OSPdak003

OSPdue056 British Battlecruisers vs German Battlecruisers SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld006 Hercules SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg206 US Army and Marine Corps MRAPs SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPowg003A IHMN: Heroes; Villains and Friends SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPwar169 Italian Soldiers in North Africa 1941-43 SRP $19.95 CAD



New Arrivals November 4th, 2013

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-SITREP45 Naval Sitrep Magazine 45 SRP $6.95 USD

COA-ATO1004 Against the Odds #40: Battle of the Boyne 1690 SRP $34.95 USD COA-ATO1004

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-02 The Siege of Syracus 415-413 BC SRP $34.95 USD



New Arrivals October 28th, 2013

Academy Games:

AYG5375 1775 Rebellion SRP $70.00 USD AYG5375

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW033 WAW: Operation Shingle: Anzio SRP $29.99 USD

Vae Victis:

VJA018 Bellum Gallicum II SRP $33.99 USD

VJA019 Inkerman 1854 SRP $33.99 USD VJA019

Worthington Games:

WOG066 Guns of Galicia SRP $45.00 USD

WOG091 Hold the Line: Highland Charge SRP $20.00 USD



New Arrivals October 23rd, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT0606-13 C&C: Ancients Expansion #1: Greece and the Eastern Kingdoms SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1311 Navajo Wars: A History of the American Southwest; 1598-1864 SRP $69.00 USD GMT1311

GMT1318 France '40 SRP $55.00 USD 



New Arrivals October 21st, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782000884 Hitler's Elite SRP $45.00 CAD OSP1782000884

OSP1782001751 SNAFU Situation Normal All F….d Up SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1782007692 The Book of Gun Trivia SRP $17.95 CAD

OSP1849085908 Don't Hurry Me Down to Hades (ACW) SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPavd010 General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam252 Jewish Revolt AD 66-73; The SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcmb003 British Infantryman vs Zulu Warrior SRP $19.95 CAD OSPcmb003

OSPcom099 AV-88 Harrier II Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom I-VI SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPdak002 Knights Templar SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg203 US Flamethrower Tanks of World War II SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPowg005 Of Gods and Mortals: Mythological Wargame Rules SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid042 The Swamp Fox - Francis Marion's Campaign in the Carolinas 1780 SRP $19.95 CAD



New Arrivals October 18th, 2013

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-RS ASL: Rising Sun SRP 164.00 USD MMP-RS



New Arrivals October 14th, 2013

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB5636 Module C6: Lost Empires SRP $27.95 USD ADB5636

ADB5747 Captain's Log #47 SRP $24.99 USD


New Arrivals October 8th, 2013

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-SJW2 Stonewall Jackson's Way II SRP $83.00 USD MMP-SJW2


New Arrivals October 1st, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT0303-13 A World At War (Final word on Third Reich products) SRP $195.00 USD GMT0303-13

GMT1101-13 Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1309 Cuba Libre: Castro's Insurgency; 1957-1958 (Andean Abyss System) SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1310 A Distant Plain: Insurgency in Afghanistan (Andean Abyss System) SRP $78.00 USD GMT1310



New Arrivals September 30th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-MW008 MW: Holy Land: The Next Arab-Israeli War (Special Edition) SRP $49.99 USD DCG-MW008

DCG1628 Meuse Argonne: The Final Offensive SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1709 Saalfeld: Prelude to Jena: 10 October 1806 SRP $9.95 USD

Lock ‘n Load Publishing:

LLP4000 WAW: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe SRP $59.99 USD

LLP4008 WAW: America Conquered SRP $74.99 USD LLP4008

LLP6001 NAW: Desert Heat SRP $59.99 USD

LLP120002 Space Infantry: New Worlds SRP $34.99 USD



New Arrivals September 17th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780961149 Wellington's Guns SRP $34.00 CAD

OSP1780967219 Secret Weapons SRP $17.95 CAD 

OSP1782001898 The SBS in World War II: An Illustrated History SRP $30.00 CAD

OSP1782008316 The Book of Camouflage SRP $11.95 CAD

OSPace113 V1 Flying Bomb Aces SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPace115 Aces of the 78th Fighter Group SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPavd009 Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPbtc006 Armies of France and the Allies SRP $25.95 CAD OSPbtc006

OSPcmb001 British Paratrooper vs Fallschirmjager SRP $19.95 CAD OSPcmb001

OSPcmb002 Union Infantryman vs Confederate Infantryman SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdark001dlx Zombies: A Hunter's Guide Deluxe Edition SRP $20.95 CAD

OSPeli195 World War II River Assault Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld005 Thor SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg202 Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyers; 1919-1945 (2) SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPwpn030 The Longbow SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals September 13th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW032 WAW: Pacific Battles II: Nomahan 1939 SRP $29.99 USD

DCG0283 S&T: Fail Safe: USAF SAC SRP $29.99 USD DCG0283

DCG1018 D-Day at Omaha Beach SRP $60.00 USD 

DCG1019 RAF: The Battle of Britain SRP $80.00 USD

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-015A Hornet Leader - The Cthulhu Conflict SRP $29.99 USD

New Arrivals August 30th, 2013

Ludifolie Editions:

LUD-NORMANDY  Normandy '44 - A Bloody Summer SRP $49.95 USD LUD-NORMANDY


New Arrivals August 16th, 2013

The Gamers:

GMR0216 TCS: Canadian Crucible SRP $52.00 USD GMR0216

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-WOTS War of the Suns: China-Japanese WWII SRP $160.00 USD MMP-WOTS

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1782004080 Operation Barbarossa SRP $45.00 CAD

OSPace103 Ki-27 Nate Aces SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPavd004 Martin B-26 Marauder SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam262 Manzikert 1071 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcmd030 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk SRP $19.95 CAD OSPcmd030

OSPdue053 M10 Tank Destroyer vs StuG III Assault Gun SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPdue054 F4F Wildcat vs A6M Zero-Sen SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli197 Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmaa490 Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops 1885-1918 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPowg004 Ronin - Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai SRP $18.95 CAD OSPowg004

OSPwpn027 FN FAL Battle Rifle; The SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn029 US Combat Shotguns SRP $19.95 CAD 


New Arrivals August 12th, 2013

Clash of Arms:

COA1306133 CoS: Mediterranean Fleets SRP $24.00 USD

COA1307132 BAR Primer (Age of Reason Games) Inludes 280 Counters SRP $36.00 USD

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO1003 Against the Odds #39: These Brave Fellows: Mortier's Stand at Durenstein SRP $34.95 USD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-13 The Battle of Saratoga 1777 SRP $34.95 USD TPS-13



New Arrivals August 6th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-MW007  MW: Vietnam Battles: Snoopy's Nose & Iron Triangle SRP $29.99 USDDCG-MW007



New Arrivals August 2nd, 2013

Avalanche Press:

APL0049 Western Desert Force SRP $44.99 USD

Columbia Games:

COL3201dlx Napoleon Deluxe 4th Edition SRP $79.98 USD COL3201dlx

Compass Games:

CPA1019 Operation Skorpion: Rommel's First Strike - Halfaya Pass; May 1941 SRP $55.00 USD

CPA1023 Steel Wolves: German Fleet Boats Expansion SRP $30.00 USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ATSSFP ATS: Shout for Piats SRP $69.95 USD



New Arrivals July 12th, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT1305 Roads to Moscow SRP $55.00 USD GMT1305

GMT1308 CC: Fall of the West Battle Pack SRP $30.00 USD



New Arrivals July 9th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW031 WAW: East Front Battles 3: Dubno SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW031

New Arrivals July 3rd, 2013
Paul Koenig Games:

PKG-CBM Chancellorsville: Bloody May; 1863 SRP $49.00 USD PKG-CBM

Victory Point Games:

VPG-AVZ Aliens vs. Zombies (Science Fiction Wargame #4) SRP $22.95 USD
VPG-DN Darkest Night (Euro Game #9) SRP $49.95 USD
VPG-FDO Fuentes de Onoro 20 SRP $29.95 USD VPG-FDO
VPG-FTCX2 Fort the Crown: Expansion #2: Shock & Awe SRP $24.95 USD
VPG-GIGR Ghosts in the Grid: Rebooted (Casual Cards #6) SRP $27.95 USD
VPG-IHLG Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp SRP $34.95 USD
VPG-IMS In Magnificent Style: Picket's Charge at Gettysburg: 5 July 1863 (Death or Glory #1) Solitaire SRP $28.95 USD
VPG-LKS The Last King of Scotland: The Uganda-Tanzania War; 1978-1979 (The African Wars #1) SRP $31.95 USD VPG-LKS
VPG-NR3 No Retreat 3: The French Front: May-June 1940 (Deluxe Series #6) SRP $49.95 USD
VPG-PARdlx PARSEC Deluxe (Euro Game #5) SRP $44.95 USD
VPG-RL Rules Lawyer (Casual Cards #7) SRP $20.95 USD
VPG-SBH2 Star Borders Humanity 2nd Ed. (Star Borders #1) SRP $49.95 USD
VPG-SKA Skagway: The Last Great Goldrush (Eurogame #10) SRP $29.95 USD
VPG-VIE VIE: The Wordplay's the Thing (Casual Cards #5) SRP $16.95 USD
VPG-WHY2 Why?! Second Edition (Me and the Kids #1) SRP $22.95 USD
VPG-ZOTR Zulus on the Ramparts! SRP $35.95 USD

White Dog Games:

WDG-DoE Duel of Eagles: The Battle of Mars-la-Tour SRP $45.00 USD WDG-DoE



New Arrivals June 24th, 2013

Clash of Arms:

COA-SITREP44 Naval Sitrep Magazine 44 SRP $6.95 USD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-04 Battle of the Metaurus (Northern Italy 207 BC) SRP $34.95 USD TPS-04



New Arrivals June 20th, 2013

The Gamers:

GMR0515 SCS: Heights of Courage SRP $40.00 USD GMR0515

Multiman Productions:

MMP-RtR Rivers to the Reich SRP $20.00 USD 



New Arrivals June 19th, 2013

Avalanche Press:

APL0048 GWaS: Remember the Maine SRP $59.99 USD

APL0856 PZG: Edelweiss SRP $29.99 USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-SFP ASLComp: Shout for Piats SRP $69.95 USD

Lock ‘n Load:

LLP4010 WAW: Counterattack SRP $25.99 USD

LLP6002 NAW: WSR Operation Cobra SRP $32.99 USD LLP6002

LLP6004 WAW: WSR: Airborne SRP $25.99 USD

LLP160001 Warparty SRP $79.99 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPcam257 Salerno 1943 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcom098 Thunderbolt II Units of Operation Enduring Freedom 2002-07 SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPdak001 Nazi Occult; The SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue051 Bf 110 vs Lancaster SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPraid037 Blackbeard's Last Fight - Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPraid041 Tombstone - Wyatt Earp; the O.K. Corral; and the Vendetta Ride 1881-81 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwar167 Early Aegean Warrior 5000-1450 BC SRP $19.95 CAD



New Arrivals June 7th, 2013

Australian Design Group:

ADG056 Khaki in Flames SRP $69.00 USD ADG056

Decision Games:

DCG0281 S&T: In Country: Vietnam 1965-1975 SRP $49.99 USD DCG0281

DCG1621 Breitenfeld: Enter the Lion of the North SRP $19.99 USD

DCG1622 Pavia: Climax of the Italian Wars SRP $19.99 USD


New Arrivals June 5th, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT1302 Battle for Normandy Expansion SRP $59.00 USD GMT1302

Ludifolie Editions:

LUD-BER The Berezina; 1812 SRP $37.99 USD 

LUD-SoS Swords of Sovreignty: Bouvires 1214 & Worrigen 1288 SRP $37.99 USD


New Arrivals May 25th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:


OSP1780961637 Between Giants: The Battle for the Baltics in World War II SRP $34.00 CAD 

OSP1782001874 Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land SRP $13.95 CAD 

OSPavd008 Curtis P-40 Long Nosed Tomahawks SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPcam255 Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942; The SRP $22.95 CAD 

OSPdue050 F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld003 The War of Horus and Set SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPowg003 In Her Majersty's Name: Steampunk Wargaming Skirmish Rules SRP $18.95 CAD 

OSPwpn026 Martini-Henry Rifle; The SRP $19.95 CAD 



 New Arrivals May 23rd, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG1705 Eagle Day: The Battle of Britain SRP $12.95 USD 

DCG1706 Cactus Air Force: Air War Over the Solomons SRP $12.95 USD 

DCG-MW006 MW: Decision Iraq SRP $29.99 USD DCG-MW006



 New Arrivals May 21st, 2013

Clash of Arms/LPS:

COA-ATOGA12 Against the Odds Annual: Forlorn Hopes: WWII Japan SRP $44.95 USD 

COA1305131 Top Cover: Fighting Wings Supplement #1 SPR $32.00 USD COA1305131

Osprey Publishing:


OSP1780969060 Helmand: Diarys of Front Line Soldiers SRP $17.95 CAD 

OSPbtc004 Armies of the Soviet Union SRP $25.95 CAD 

OSPdue052 British Frigate vs French Frigate SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPnvg200 British Battleships 1914-18 (1) SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid040 Kill Hitler - Operation Valkyrie 1944 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn025 Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun; The SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals May 13th, 2013

Amarillo Design Burea:

ADB2102 Star Fleet Marines: Last Stand SRP $34.95 USD


Decision Games:

DCG-WAW030 WAW: Hinge of Fate: Poland & France 1939 SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW030



GMT-MISC3 Blank 9/16 Counter Half Sheets SRP $3.00 USD 

GMT1303 Iron & Oak SRP $59.00 USD 

GMT1304 Rebel Raiders SRP $69.00 USD 

GMT1306 Newtown SRP $65.00 USD



OSG203 Napleon at Leipzg (5th Edition) SRP $99.00 USD OSG203 

OSG-SS6 Special Study #6: 1809 SRP $40.00 USD 


Vae Victis:

VJA017 Cassino '44 SRP $37.99 USD VJA017



 New Arrivals May 6th, 2013

Avalanche Press:

APL0322 PZG: Saipan 1944 SRP $64.99 USD  

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLTO2FC ASLcomp: Timmes Orchard II SRP $49.95 USD 

CRH-ATSWFB ATS Warfighting Guide Eagle Book SRP $29.95 USD 

Passport Game Studio:

PGS102 Trajan SRP $69.99 USD PGS102 



New Arrivals April 26th, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG-SPW108 The Grand Campaign SRP $79.95 USD DCG-SPW108

DCG-SPW109 Eastern Front Reprint SRP $119.95 USD



New Arrivals April 20th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849089722 Vietnam: A View from the Frontlines SRP $30.00 CAD 

OSPace111 Russian Aces of World War I SRP $23.95 CAD 

OSPace112 Fokker D.XXI Aces of World War 2 SRP $23.95 CAD 

OSPavd007 USAF McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPcam254 Kharkov 1942 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam254 

OSPeli193 World War II Winter and Mountain Warfare Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD 

OSPmaa488 American Indian Tribes of the Southwest SRP $18.95 CAD 

OSPnvg199 Tanks of Hitler's Eastern Allies 1941-45 SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg199 

OSPwar166 Roman Legionary AD 69-161 SRP $19.95 CAD 



New Arrivals April 16th, 2013

Legion Wargames:


LWG1201 B-29 Superfortress: Bombers Over Japan 1944-1945 (2nd Ed.) SRP $56.00 USD LWG1201 

LWG1202 The Battle of Adobe Walls (Indian Wars of the American West Vol.I) SRP $56.00 USD 



New Arrivals April 8th, 2013

Clash of Arms Games:

COA1303130 Command at Sea: By Waters War: The US Battles Japan for Control of the Pacific; 1926-1940 SRP $40.00 USD

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-027 Rise of the Zombies! SRP $39.99 USD 

Multiman Publishing:


MMP-WO2013 Winter Offensive 2013 Net $15.00 USD MMP-WO2013 



New Arrivals April 1st, 2013

Decision Games:

DCG0280 S&T: Soldiers: Decision in the Trenches SRP $29.99 USD

DCG-MW005 MW: Drive on P'yongyang SRP $29.99 USD DCG-MW005

DCG-WAW029 WAW: Norway 1940 SRP $29.99 USD


New Arrivals March 25th, 2013

Albe Pavo:

ALB-B&V Beer & Vikings SRP $39.99 USD ALB-B&V

ALB-S&S Sake & Samurai SRP $39.99 USD

Chaos Publishing:

CHS1001 Medieval Master SRP $34.99 USD CHS1001

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLOST1 ASLcomp: Ostfront Pack 1 SRP $19.95 USD

CRH-ASLRR2 ASLcomp: El Alamein: The Battle of Ruweisat Ridge SRP $69.95 USD

CRH-ASLTB4NO ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/o Map (for owners of earlier editions) SRP $24.95 USD

CRH-ATSBBD ATS: Brave but Doomed SRP $59.95 USD

CRH-ATSBFS ATS: Kharkov SRP $69.95 USD

CRH-ATSCAS1 ATS: Battle of Casino I SRP $59.95 USD

CRH-ATSHBEF ATS Hell Behind the Eastern Front SRP $69.95 USD

CRH-ATSHOB ATS: Hill of Blood SRP $69.95 USD

CRH-ATSOFM ATS: Orders for the Major SRP $69.95 USD

Fire Forge:

FIF-DV001 Deus Vult Rulebook SRP $59.99 USD FIF-DV001


New Arrivals March 18th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780962843 America's Elite SRP $45.00 CAD

OSPbtc003 Armies of Great Britain SRP $25.95 CAD OSPbtc003

OSPcam253 Talavera 1809 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPmaa486 New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War II; The SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa487 New Zealand Wars 1820-72; The SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmld001 Jason and the Argonauts SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPmld002 Dragonslayers SRP $19.95 CAD OSPmld002

OSPnvg197 M103 Heavy Tank 1950-74 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg198 Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyers 1919-45 (1) SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid039 Takur Ghar - The SEALs and Rangers on Roberts Ridge; Afghanistan 2002 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn024 German Automatic and Assault Rifles 1941-45 SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals February 28th, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT1014-12 C&C Napoleonics Reprint SRP $70.00 USD

GMT1301 C&C: Napoleonics Exapansion #2: Russian Army SRP $55.00 USD GMT1301


New Arrivals February 20th, 2013

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB4110 FC: Reinforcements Attack SRP $29.95 USD

ADB4234 FC: Booster Pack #34 SRP $9.95 USD

ADB4235 FC: Booster Pack #35 SRP $9.95 USD

ADB4236 FC: Booster Pack #36 SRP $9.95 USD

ADB5746 Captain's Log #46 SRP $24.95 USD ADB5746

ADB6103N Nova: Alien Armada SRP $16.95 USD

ADB6104N Nova: Distant Armada SRP $16.95 USD

ADB6105N Nova: Battleship Armada SRP $16.95 USD

Decision Games:

DCG0279 S&T: Reconquista SRP $29.99 USD

DCG1625 Loos: The Big Push SRP $19.95 USD DCG1626

DCG1626 Lebanon: Operation Peace for Galilee SRP $19.95 USD

DCG1701 Caesar's War: Gallia SRP $12.95 USD

DCG1702 Belisarius's War: The Roman Reconquest of Africa AD533-534 SRP $12.95 USD

DCG-MW004 MW: Six Day War SRP $29.99 USD

DCG-WAW028 WAW: Green Hell: Burma 1944-1945 SRP $29.99 USD

The Gamers: (Multiman)

GMR0515 SCS: It Never Snows: Operation Market Garden SRP $90.00 USD GMR0515

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP1014 LnL: In Defeat Defiance SRP $32.99 USD LLP1014

LLP-LOF13 Line of Fire Magazine 13 SRP $39.99 USD


New Arrivals February 16th, 2013

Avalanche Press:

APL0048 GWaS: Remember the Maine SRP $59.99 USD APL0048

APL0849 PZG: Invasion of Germany SRP $19.99 USD

APL0855 GWaS: Confederate States Navy SRP $24.99 USD

Compass Games:

CPA0077 Paper Wars 77: Anzio: Operation Shingle SRP $59.95 USD

CPA1015 The War: Europe 1939-1945 SRP $150.00 USD CPA1015

CPA1016 Nations in Arms: Valmy to Waterloo SRP $120.00 USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLFTB ASLComp Facing the Blitz SRP $34.95 USD


ZVE6192 World War II: Blitzkrieg 1940 SRP $69.95 USD ZVE6192


New Arrivals February 15th, 2013

Osprey Publishing:

OSPavd006 Hawker Hurricane Mk I-V SRP $19.95 CAD OSPavd006

OSPcam256 Fallen Timbers 1794 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcom096 Pe-2 Guards Units of World War 2 SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcom097 USAF and VNAF A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPeli192 World War II Tactical Camouflage Techniques SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPfce008 Classified: Special Operation Missions 1940-2010 SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPraid038 The Fall of Eben Emael - Belgium 1940 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid038

OSPwpn023 M1903 Springfield Rifle; The SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals February 12th, 2013

Columbia Games:

COL3212 Borodino: Napoleon in Russia; 1812 SRP $69.99 USD COL3212


New Arrivals January 14th, 2013

GMT Games:

GMT1215 Fading Glory (Compilation of VPG's Napoleonic 20s) SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1217 Pax Baltica: The Great Northern War 1700-1721 SRP $55.00 USD GMT1217

New Arrivals January 4th, 2013

Avalanche Press:

APL0320 PZG: Kursk: Southern Flank SRP $74.99 USD

Academy Games:

AYG5011 CoH: Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition SRP $80.00 USD

Valley Games:

VLY403 D-Day Dice SRP $39.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG051 Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition SRP $60.00 USD

WOG075 Naval War of 1812 SRP $75.00 USD WOG075

Z-Man Games:

ZMG71000 Clash of Cultures SRP $79.99 USD


New Arrivals December 31st, 2012

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-ATO1002 Against the Odds #38: Guns of the Askari: Lettow-Vorbeck's Campaign in East Africa; 1914 SRP $34.95 USD COA-ATO1002

COA-SITREP43 Naval Sitrep Magazine 43 SRP $6.95 USD


New Arrivals December 20th, 2012

GMT Games:

GMT1213 Space Empires: Close Encounters Expansion SRP $59.00 USD GMT1213


New Arrivals December 17th, 2012

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780960036 Special Forces Sniper Skills SRP $27.95 CAD

OSP1849089333 The Pointblank Directive SRP $33.00 CAD

OSPace110 Austro-Hungarian Albatros Aces of World War I SRP $23.95 CAD OSPace110

OSPcam249 Vercors 1944 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam249

OSPcom093 A-6 Intruders Vietnam SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcom094 US Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPdue047 Gladiator vs CR.42 Falco SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg195 Italian Medium Tanks SRP $18.95 CAD


New Arrivals December 10th, 2012

GMT Games:

GMT-C3i26 C3i Issue #26 SRP $25.00 USD

GMT0510-12 Twilight Struggle Deluxe Reprint SRP $60.00 USD

GMT1214 Saints in Armor: Battles of the Early Thirty Years War 1618-1626 SRP $69.00 USD

GMT1216 Mr. Madison's War: That Incredible War of 1812 SRP $57.00 USD GMT1216

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-J10 ASL: Journal 10 SRP $28.00 USD MMP-J10


New Arrivals December 8th, 2012

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-004B Modern Naval Battles Campaign Expansion SRP $19.99 USD DV1-004B


New Arrivals December 5th, 2012

Compass Games:

CPA1017 Medina de Rioseco; July 14 1808 SRP $40.00 USD CPA1017

Critical Hit, inc:

CRH-ASLBIR ASL Comp: Bir El Gubi Platoon SRP $29.95 USD

CRH-ASLDTW2 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works SRP $39.95 USD

CRH-ASLFDW2B ASL Comp: Dzerhezinsky Scenario Pack SRP $12.95 USD

CRH-ASLEAT ASL Comp: Easter at Tobruk Platoon SRP $29.95 USD

CRH-ASLMU ASL Comp: Major Upham battle Pack SRP $19.95 USD

CRH-AS:PL30 ASL Comp: Platoon Leader 3.0 with Cemetery Hill Campaign SRP $29.95 USD


New Arrivals November 17th, 2012

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780961606 MST: Modelling Luftwaffe Jets and Wonder Weapons SRP $41.95 CAD OSP1780961606

OSP1780962832 Hitler's Eagles: Luftwaffe 1933-45 SRP $45.00 CAD

OSP1849087926 Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq SRP $26.95 CAD

OSP1849088114 The Rice Paddy Navy: US Sailors Undercover in China (WWII) SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPbtc002 Armies of Germany SRP $25.95 CAD OSPbtc002

OSPcmd029 Ulysses G. Grant SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue048 USN Destroyer vs IJN Destroyer SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli194 Chinese People's Liberation Army since 1949 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPess075 The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1979-89 SRP $21.95 CAD

OSPmaa469 World War II Soviet Armed Forces (3): 1944-45 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa477 Macedonian Armies after Alexander; 323-168 BC SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa484 The Portuguese in the Age of Discovery 1300-1580 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid036 Avenging Angel - John Brown's Raid on harpers Ferry 1859 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid036

OSPwar165 US Army Paratrooper in the Pacific Theater 1943-45 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn020 The M60 Machine Gun SRP $19.95 CAD

New Arrivals November 16th, 2012

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO1001 Against the Odds #37: For Blood & Honor: The Russian Civil War SRP $34.95 USD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-12 Poltava's Dread Day SRP $29.95 USD TPS-12


New Arrivals November 12th, 2012

Avalanche Press:

APL0845 GWaS: The Kaiser's Navy SRP $24.99 USD APL0845

APL0848 PZG: Iron Curtain - Patton's Nightmare SRP $24.99 USD

APL0854 GWaS: Bay of Bengal SRP $19.99 USD

Mayfair Games:

MFG4860 A House Divided: The War Between the States (New Edition of 1981 Version) SRP $30.00 USD

MFG4862 Clash of Wills: Shiloh 1862 SRP $30.00 USD MFG4862


New Arrivals November 7th, 2012

GMT Games:

GMT0401z Borodino: Triumph & Glory V2 (Ziplock) SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1211 Crown of Roses: 15th Century England SRP $79.00 USDGMT1211


New Arrivals October 31st, 2012

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW027 WAW: Operation Olympic & Corenet SRP $49.99 USD DCG-WAW027

DCG1707 Congo Merc: The Congo 1964 SRP $12.95 USD

DCG1708 Border War: Angola Raiders SRP $12.95 USD



New Arrivals October 22nd, 2012

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849087186 Forgotten Sacrifice: The Artic Convoys of World War II SRP $32.00 CAD

OSP1849088121 Iraq Full Circle SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPace109 American Aces vs. Kamikaze SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPavd003 Sopwith Camel SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPcam248 Coronel and Falklands 1914 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcam250 The Mareth Line 1943 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam250

OSPcmd020 Orde Wingate SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue045 Meteor I vs V1 Flying Bomb SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPdue046 Panzerjager vs KV-1 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPfor107 Defense of 3rd Reich 1941-45 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPfor107

OSPmaa482 US 10th Mountain Division WWII SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa483 Cumberland's Culloden Army 1745-46 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg194 British Light Cruisers 1939-45 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid035 The Last Ride of the James-Younger Gang & Jesse James 1876 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSpwpn021 MG34 & MG42 Machine Guns SRP $19.95 CAD




New Arrivals October 9th, 2012

Multiman Publishing:

GMR0412 The Blitzkrieg Legend: The Battle for France; 1940 SRP $110.00 USD GMR0412

MMP-SP03 Special Ops Issue #3: A Victory Complete: Tannenberg 1914 SRP $24.00 USD



New Arrivals October 1st, 2012

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB5745 Captain's Log #45 SRP $24.95 USD

ADB6101N Nova: Klingon Armada SRP $16.95 USD

ADB6102N Nova: Romulan Armada SRP $16.95 USD

Avalanche Press:

APL0839 PZG: Panzer Lehr SRP $29.99 USD

Collins Epic Wargames:

CEW00005 FG: Spearpoint 1943 Map Expansion SRP $55.00 USD

Victory Point Games:

VPG-HUGS Hugs (Me & The Kids #3) SRP $12.95 USD

VPG-MKNB Market Garden: Nijmegen Bridge SRP $20.95 USD

VPG-NR3 No Retreat 3: The French Front: May-June 1940 (Deluxe Series #6) SRP $32.95 USD VPG-NR3

VPG-PARdlx PARSEC Deluxe (Euro Game #5) SRP $44.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG064 War & Peace (Not related to AH game of same name) SRP $75.00 USD



New Arrivals September 25th, 2012


Decision Games:

DCG0277 S&T: Ticonderoga: Battles for Lake George SRP $29.99 USD

DCG1623 Pea Ridge: St. Louis; then Huzzah! SRP $19.95 USD DCG1623

DCG1624 Pedregal: Santa Anna at Bay SRP $19.95 USD

DCG-WAW026 WAW: Race to the Reichstag (Battle for Germany Style) SRP $30.00 USD DCG-WAW026




New Arrivals September 14th, 2012

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780962023 Boyz of 67: Charle Company's War in Vietnam SRP $30.00 CAD

OSP1849083324 Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment SRP $34.00 CAD

OSP1849087919 Love Tommy: Letters Home from the Great War to the Present Day SRP $27.95 CAD

OSPavd001 Allison-Engined P-51 Mustang SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPavd002 Republic F-105 Thunderchief SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPbtc000 Bolt Action: World War II Wargames Rules SRP $36.95 CAD

OSPcam246 Borodino 1812 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPcam247 Santa Cruz 1942 SRP $22.95 CAD

OSPdark002 The World of Might and Magic: Ashan Compendium SRP $26.95 CAD

OSPeli189 European Medieval Tactics SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPeli190 US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPfogN03 Napoleonic: Emperors and Eagles SRP $36.95 CAD

OSPnvg193 Austo-Hungarian Battleships 1914-18 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid034 Oldest Allies - Alcantara 1809 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwar164 RAF Fighter Command Pilot SRP $19.95 CAD           




New Arrivals September 13th, 2012


GMT Games:

GMT1207 Panzer: The Game of Small unit Actions and Combined Arms on the Eastern Front 1943-44 SRP $72.00 USD GMT1207
GMT1208 Panzer Expansion #1: The Shape of Battle - The Eastern Front SRP $67.00 USD
GMT1209 Panzer Exapnsion #2: The Final Forces on the Eastern Front SRP $40.00 USD
GMT1210 Bloody April: Air War Over Arras France 1917 SRP $55.00 USD GMT1210
GMT1212 Andean Abyss: Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Colombia SRP $75.00 USD



New Arrivals August 31st, 2012


Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0904 Against the Odds #36: Defeat into Victory: The Final Campaigns in Burma SRP $34.95 USD

Clash of Arms:

COA1207129 The Battle of Fontenoy; 11 May 1745 SRP $80.00 USD COA1207129

New Arrivals August 24th, 2012

Critical Hit:
CRH-ASLHBEF ASLComp Hell Behind the Eastern Front SRP $69.95 USD
Days of Wonder:
DOW730021 Memoire '44: Equipment Pack SRP $69.95 USD
Decision Games:
DCG-MW002: Modern War: Oil War: Iran Strikes SRP $30.00 USD DCG-MW002
Numbskull Games:
NUM010 Popular Front: Escalation SRP $14.99 USD
Osprey Publishing:
OSP1780960715 Blue Moon Over Cuba: Aerial Reconnaissance during the Cuban Missile Crisis SRP $30.00 CAD
OSP1849089760 America's Secret MiG Squadron SRP $30.00 CAD
OSPace107 Soviet Hurricane Aces of World War II SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPcmd027 Albert Kesselring SRP $19.95 CAD
OSPcom095 Valiant Units of the Cold War SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPeli187 Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925-1025 SRP $19.95 CAD
OSpfce007 Fallujah SRP $25.95 CAD OSPfof007
OSPnvg192 US Amphibious Tanks of World War II SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPowg001 Dux Bellorum - Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD 367- 793 SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPowg002 A World Aflame - Interwar Wargaming Rules 1918-39 SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPwpn019 Webley Service Revolver SRP $19.95 CAD
Zvezda Co:
ZVE6413 Samurai Battles (Based on the Command and Colours System) SRP $79.95 USD





New Arrivals August 9th, 2012


Multiman Publishing:


MMP-TKOH The Kingdom of Heaven SRP $80.00 USD MMP-TOKH



New Arrivals August 2nd, 2012
Decision Games:

DCG0276 S&T: Operation Anaconda (Afghanistan 2001) SRP $30.00 USD
DCG1020 Hurtgen: Hells' Forest (Wacht am Rhein addition) SRP $120.00 USD DCG1020

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP-ITBGP World at War: Into the Breach SRP $47.00 USD LLP-INTBG
LLP-LOF12 Line of Fire Magazine 12 SRP $39.99 USD
LLP-REVP WAW: Revelations (Novel) SRP $22.99 USD
LLP1015 Heroes of the Gap: Honneur et Patrie SRP $32.99 USD
LLP10001 House of Spirits SRP $22.29 USD
Osprey Publishing:

OSPcmd028 Archibald Wavell SRP $19.99 CAD
OSPcom083 Me 262 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPeli129 World War II US Cavalry Units: European Theater SRP $19.99 CAD
OSPwar163 Spartan Warrior 735-331 BC SRP $19.99 CAD OSPwar163
New Arrivals July 23rd, 2012
Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849088411 Panther SRP $27.95 CAD OSP1849088411
OSP1849088435 Home Before the Leaves Fall: A New History of the German Invasion of 1914 SRP $27.95 CAD
OSPace108 P-38 Lightning Aces of the 82nd Fighter Group SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPdue044 Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis SRP $19.95 CAD
OSPmaa481 Spanish Tercios 1536-1704 SRP $18.95 CAD
Victory Point Games:

VPG-AD30 A.D.30: Walk with Jesus to Jerusalem (Great Journey #1) SRP $26.95 USD
VPG-B4AX Battle of 4 Armies Expansion Kit SRP $7.95 USD
VPG-BAZ Boom & Zoom (Battlesson #1) SRP $26.50 USD
VPG-DH Destined Hero SRP $26.95 USD
VPG-DOK Disaster on Kangchenjunga: Adventure & Intrigue Abouve 800 m. (Eurogame #8) SRP $27.95 USD
VPG-FPW Franco-Prussian War 40: August 1870 - March 1871 (von Clausewitz #1) SRP $33.95 USD VPG-FPW
VPG-IMS In Magnificent Style: Picket's Charge at Gettysburg: 5 July 1863 (Death or Glory #1) Solitaire SRP $28.95 USD
VPG-KC King's Critters (Me & the Kids #2) SRP $17.95 USD
VPG-LEU Leuthen: Frederick's Greatest Victory 5 December 1757: Drums & Muskets #1 SRP $22.95 USD


New Arrivals July 20th, 2012
Against the Odds:

COA-ATOGA11 Against the Odds Annual: Beyond Waterloo (Strategic Level 100 days) SRP $44.95 USD COA-ATOGA11

Clash of Arms:

COA-SITREP42 Naval Sitrep Magazine 42 SRP $6.95 USD

GMT Games:

GMT0111-12 Reds! The Russian Civil War 1918-21 SRP $50.00 USD
GMT0304-12 Ardennes '44 SRP $55.00 USD GMT0304-12
GMT1203 Dominant Species: The Card Game SRP $29.00 USD
Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-12 Joan of Arc's Victory SRP $29.95 USD
New Arrivals July 17th, 2012
Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB0323-1 Klingon D5 SRP $7.95 USD
ADB0403-1 Romulan Wareagle SRP $7.95 USD
ADB0704-1 Tholian DD SRP $7.00 USD
ADB2101 Star Fleet Marines: Assault SRP $34.95 USD ADB2101
ADB6120 Starmada: Nova Edition SRP $16.95 USD
ADB8724 Romulans PD 20M SRP $24.95 USD


New Arrivals July 11th, 2012
Warlord Games:

WLG-P001 Pike & Shotte Rulebook SRP $58.00 USD WLG-P001


New Arrivals July 9th, 2012
Decision Games:

DCG-MW001 MW: Red Dragon/Green Crescent SRP $50.00 USD DCG-MW001
DCG-WAW025 WAW: Keren: Bloody Anglo-Italian Battle Eritrea SRP $30.00 USD




New Arrivals July 6th, 2012
Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-017 Thunderbolt-Apache Leader SRP $89.99 USD DV1-017
DV1-024 DiF: Wingman Expansion SRP $34.99 USD

GMT Games:

GMT1205 Red Winter SRP $50.00 USD GMT1206
GMT1206 Next War: Korea SRP $85.00 USD
New Arrivals June 29th, 2012
Multiman Publishing:

MMP-ANG Angola SRP $75.00 USD
MMP-NQOS No Question of Surrender SRP $68.00 USD MMP-NQOS



New Arrivals June 28th, 2012
Vae Victis:

VJA012 Aspern-Essling 1809 SRP $37.99 USD VJA012
VJA013 The Lion and the Sword SRP $37.99 USD
VJA014 From Overlord to Berlin SRP $33.99 USD
VJA015 Victories of Marshal Saxe SRP $37.99 USD
VJA016 Fuentes de Onoro 1811 SRP $33.99 USD
New Arrivals June 25th, 2012
Avalanche Press:

APL1825 PZG: Carpathian Brigade SRP $9.99 USD
APL1826 PZG: Little Saturn: The Italian Eight Army at Stalingrad 1942 SRP $9.99 USD


CHX27230         Vortex d10 Bright-Green/Bk (10)   SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27232         Vortex d10 Yellow/Be (10) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27239         Vortex d10 Teal/Gd (10)   SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27244         Vortex d10 Red/Yw (10)   SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27254         Vortex d10 Pink/Gd (10)  SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27255         Vortex d10 Malachite-Green/Yw (10) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27430         Vortex Bright-Green/Bk (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27432         Vortex Yellow/Be (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27439         Vortex Teal/Gd (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27444         Vortex Red/Yw (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27454         Vortex Pink/Gd (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27455         Vortex Malachite-Green/Yw (7) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27630         Vortex d6 16mm Bright-Green/Bk (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27632         Vortex d6 16mm Yellow/Be (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27639         Vortex d6 16mm Teal/Gd (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27644         Vortex d6 16mm Red/Yw (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27654         Vortex d6 16mm Pink/Gd (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27655         Vortex d6 16mm Malachite-Green/Yw (12) SRP $9.98 USD
CHX27830         Vortex d6 12mm Bright-Green/Bk (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27832         Vortex d6 12mm Yellow/Be (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27839         Vortex d6 12mm Teal/Gd (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27844         Vortex d6 12mm Red/Yw (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27854         Vortex d6 12mm Pink/Gd (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHX27855         Vortex d6 12mm Malachite-Green/Yw (36) SRP $13.98 USD
CHXle671          Vortex d20 Bag (50) SRP $69.60 USD
CHXle864          Vortex Asst Bright-Green/Bk (20)  SRP $27.10 USD
CHXle865          Vortex Asst Malachite-Green/Yw (20) SRP  $27.10 USD
CHXle866          Vortex Asst Pink/Gd (20) SRP $27.10 USD
CHXle867          Vortex Asst Red/Yw (20)  SRP $27.10 USD
CHXle868          Vortex Asst Teal/Gd (20)  SRP $27.10 USD
CHXle869          Vortex Asst Yellow/Be (20) SRP $27.10 USD
CHXle870          Vortex d10 Bag (50) SRP $69.60 USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLCC ASLComp Gustav Graveyard SRP $49.95 USD
CRH-ASLFI ASLComp Fire and Ice SRP $59.95 USD
CRH-ASLOP ASLComp Brave But Doomed SRP $59.95 USD
CRH-ATSOMW ATS Omaha West SRP $79.95 USD

Z-Man Games:

ZMG4302 Packet Battles: Macedonians vs Persians SRP $15.00 USD



New Arrivals June 18th, 2012
GMT Games:

GMT1011-12 Dominant Species (Reprint) SRP $79.00 USD GMT1011-12

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1780960517 Plane Spotters' Guide SRP $13.50 CAD
OSP1849086400 El Alamein SRP $27.95 CAD
OSP1849088428 The Daring Dozen: Special Forces Legends in World War II SRP $27.95 CAD
OSPace105 Defiant; Blenheim and Havoc Aces SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPace106 Spanish Republican Aces SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPcam245 Demyansk 1942-43 SRP $22.95 CAD
OSPcmd024 Tokugawa Ieyasu SRP $19.95 CAD
OSPcmd026 Yamamoto Isoroku SRP $19.95 CAD
OSPess074 Second War of Italian Unification 1859-61; The SRP $21.95 CAD
OSPfogN02 Napoleonic: Triumph of Nations SRP $36.95 CAD
OSPmaa478 Australian Army in World War I; The SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPnvg191 Italian Light Tanks SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg191
OSPraid032 Knight's Move - The Hunt for Marshal Tito 1944 SRP $19.95 CAD
New Arrivals June 15th, 2012
Shire Books:

SHR8121 Women in the Second World War SRP $14.95 CAD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-07 The Battle of Tours: 732 AD SRP $29.95 USD TPS-07



New Arrivals June 5th, 2012
Decision Games:

DCG0275 S&T: Koniggratz: Austro-Prussian War SRP $30.00 USD
DCG1021 Wacht am Rhein (Updated 2nd Edition) SRP $160.00 USD DCG1021
New Arrivals June 4th, 2012
Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLDP ASLComp Digger Pack I SRP $49.95 USD
CRH-ASLKB ASLComp Kellam's Bridge SRP $39.95 USD
CRH-ASLLV ASLComp Hell in the Liri Valley SRP $49.95 USD
CRH-ASLPL ASLComp Panther Line SRP $49.95 USD
CRH-ATSDD ATS Darkest December SRP $49.95 USD




New Arrivals May 24th, 2012
GMT Games:

GMT1201 Virgin Queen SRP $89.00 USD GMT1201
GMT1202 1989: Dawn of Freedom SRP $65.00 USD
New Arrivals May 18th, 2012
Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849088138 The Roman Army SRP $22.00 CAD
OSPace104 Naval Aces of WWI (2) SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPcam244 The Falklands 1982 SRP $20.95 CAD OSPcam244
OSPcmd025 Omar Bradley SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPdue042 DH 2 vs Albertros DI /D II SRP $18.95 CAD
OSpdue043 M4 Sherman cs Type 97 Chi-Ha SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPfce006 Bush Wars: Africa 1960-2010 SRP $25.95 CAD
OSPnvg190 British Heavy Cruisers 1939-45 SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPraid031 Gothic Serpent: Black Hawk Down; Mogadishu 1993 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid031
OSPwpn016 The M1 Garand SRP $18.95 CAD



New Arrivals May 8th, 2012
Clash of Arms Game:

COA1203128 Amateurs to Arms! War of 1812 SRP $98.00 USD COA1203128

Rio Grande Games:

RIO451 Frederich 3rd Edition SRP $74.95 USD


ZVE6177 World War II: Battle for the Danube SRP $49.95 USD
New Arrivals May 7th, 2012
Avalanche Press:

APL0112 Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles SRP $99.99 USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ATSBB1 ATS Battle of the Bulge SRP $59.95 USD
CRH-ATSPCH ATS Pork Chop Hill SRP $29.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG080 Blood & Sand SRP $60.00 USD WOG080



New Arrivals May 1st, 2012
Decision Games:

DCG0274 S&T: Sun Never Sets Volume II (Three Operational Games of Major Wars of the British Empire) SRP $50.00 USD
DCG-WAW024 WAW: Sedan 1940 SRP $30.00 USD DCG-WAW024

 Red Sash Games:

RSG-LW002 Lace Wars 2: Charlie's Year Redux: War of Austrian Succession SRP $160.00 CAD
RSG-LW002A The Highland Quorum (Zip Module) Jacobite 1714 SRP $30.00 CAD
RSG-LW002B Perdition to King George (Zip Module) Jacobite 1717-19 SRP $30.00 CAD
RSG-LW007A Remember Limerick! Bonus Maps SRP $40.00 CAD
RSG-SL001 Sea Lord 1: Mistral: The Western Med 1740-48 SRP $130.00 CAD RSG-SL001
New Arrivals April 26th, 2012
Red Sash Games:

RSG-LW001 Lace Wars 1: Cockpit of Europe: War of Austrian Succession SRP $130.00 CAD
RSG-LW003 Lace Wars 3: Sport of Kings: Germany 1740-45 SRP $180.00 CAD
RSG-LW004 Lace Wars 4: Queen's Gambit: The War in Italy 1742-48 SRP $155.00 CAD
RSG-LW005 Lace Wars 5: Turkenkrieg: Russo-Austro-Turkish War: Balkans Theatre 1737-39 SRP $150.00 CAD
RSG-LW006 Lace Wars 6: Heirs of the Golden Horde (Boxed Module): Expansion to Turkenkrieg SRP $209.00 CAD RSG-LW005
RSG-LW007 Lace Wars 7: Remember Limerick! The War of Two Kings: Ireland 1689-91 SRP $100.00 CAD




New Arrivals April 24th, 2012
Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0903 Against the Odds #35: Boudicca: The Warrior Queen SRP $34.95 USD COA-ATO0903
Clash of Arms Games:

COA1112127 Command at Sea: Steel Typhoon: The Second Half of WWII in the Pacific (CaS Vol X) SRP $44.00 USD

Turning Point Simulations:

TPS-20 The Battle of Stalingrad SRP $29.95 USD
New Arrivals April 19th, 2012
GMT Games:

GMT1204 Bomber Command: The Night Raids 1943-45 SRP $65.00 USD GMT1204



New Arrivals April 16th, 2012
Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849086189 Civil War Quiz Book SRP $11.95 CAD
OSP1849087179 Deliver Us From Darkness: The Untold Story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Company During Market Garden SRP $33.00 CAD
OSP1849087636 SAS Ultimate Guide to Combat SRP $30.00 CAD
OSP1849088361 D-Day to Victory SRP $30.00 CAD
OSPcam243 The Philippines 1941-42 SRP $20.95 CAD
OSPdue041 B-24 Liberator vs Ki-43 Oscar SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPmaa480 Napoleon's Dragoons of the Imperial Guard SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPnvg189 Rolls-Royce Armoured Car; The SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPraid030 Red Christmas - The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid030
OSPwar162 Roman Republican Legionary 298-105 BC SRP $19.95 CAD
OSPwpn015 The Browning Automatic Rifle SRP $18.95 CAD
New Arrivals March 29th, 2012
Multiman Publishing:

MMP-FB Festung Budapest: Historical ASL SRP $130.00 USD MMP-FB
MMP-SP02 Special Ops Issue #2: Ukraine 1944 SRP $24.00 USD

Operation Studies Group:

OSG202 The Last Success: Napoleon's March to Vienna; 1809 SRP $109.00 USD


New Arrivals March 19th, 2012


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849085588 Pass in Review: An Illustrated History of West Point Cadets 1794-Present SRP $34.00 CAD

OSPcam242 Metz 1944 SRP $20.95 CAD OSPcam242

OSPcmd022 Georgy Zhukov SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPcmd023 Pompey SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPfce005 Day of the Rangers SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPfogN00 Filed of Glory: Napoleonic SRP $36.95 CAD

OSPmaa476 Napoleon's Swiss Troops SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg188 Great Lakes Warships 1812-1815 SRP $18.95 CAD OSPnvg188

OSPraid029 Hunt for Pancho Villa; The SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals March 2nd, 2012
Avalanche Press:

APL0831 PZG: Winter Soldiers: Americans Stop the Nazi's at the Bulge SRP $19.99 USD
APL0835 PZG: Black SS SRP $29.99 USD APL0835
APL0838 PZG: Go for Broke (The Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regiment) SRP $24.99 USD

Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLOMW ASLComp Omaha West SRP $119.95 USD
CRH-ASLPCH ASLComp Pork Chop Hill SRP $39.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG070 First Bull Run: 150th Anniversary Edition SRP $75.00 USD WOG070



New Arrivals February 28th, 2012
Decision Games:

DCG0273 S&T: Reichwehr: Alternative History of a Red Victory over Poland in the 1920's SRP $30.00 USD
DCG-WAW023 Guadacanal (Pacific Battles Series 1) SRP $30.00 USD DCG-WAW023

Legion War Games:

LWG1101 Slouch Hats & Eggshells: Operation Exporter; 1941 SRP $48.00 USD
LWG1102 Hell Over Korea: B-29 Bombing Missions During the Korean War SRP $40.00 USD
LWG1103 Tonkin: French Indochina War; 1950-54 SRP $55.00 USD LWG1103

Victory Point Games:

VPG-ABD6 Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#6: Way of the Samurai SRP $13.95 USD
VPG-AOGPX Assault on Galactus Prime Exp.#1 SRP $11.50 USD
VPG-EB Market Garden: Eindhover Bridge SRP $20.95 USD
VPG-FTCX1 For the Crown: Expansion #1: Cover of Night SRP $12.50 USD
VPG-HAT High & Tight: Baseball Strategy for Two SRP $39.95 USD
VPG-MB Malta Besieged: 1940-1942 SRP $28.95 USD VPG-MB
VPG-MGA Market Garden: Arnhem SRP $20.95 USD
VPG-OO Objective: Odessa (Campaigns in Russia Exp #2) Need Objecticve Kiev to Play SRP $9.50 USD
VPG-TCTX TC Tenis Expansion #1: World Class Women SRP $11.50 USD
VPG-WA20-2 Waterloo 20 2nd Edition SRP $26.50 USD


New Arrivals February 21st, 2012

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AP8 Action Pack #8: Roads Through Rome SRP $34.00 USD
MMP-WED GTS: Where Eagles Dare SRP $160.00 USD MMP-WED
MMP-WO12 Winter Offensive 2012 Bonus Pack SRP $20.00 USD

New Arrivals February 17th, 2012


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849087902 Battleground Prussia (PB) SRP $17.95 CAD

OSPcam241 Fall of English France; The 1449-53 SRP $20.95 CAD

OSPcom091 He 111 Kampfgeschwader in the West SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcom092 P-47 Thunderbolt Units of the Twelfth Air Force SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPfor106 Forts of the War of 1812 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPfor106

OSPmaa479 Roman Centurian 31 BC-AD 500 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg187 Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid028 Run the Gauntlet - The Channel Dash 1942 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid028

OSPwar161 Tunnel Rat in Vietnam SRP $19.95 CAD


New Arrivals February 14th, 2012
GMT Games:

GMT1105-11 Fighting Formations GD (Reprint) SRP $85.00 USD
GMT1108-11 Space Empires 4X (Reprint) SRP $65.00 USD


HXA-OR Liberty Roads: Operation Roundhammer Expansion SRP $22.00 USD HXA-OR



New Arrivals February 7th, 2012


Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP1011 LnL: Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition SRP $59.99 USD LLP1011

LLO-LOF11 Line of Fire Magazine 11 SRP $22.99 USD


New Arrivals January 30th, 2012
Academy Games:

AYG5312 1812: The Invasion of Canada SRP $65.00 USD AYG5312


NSK-WT01 Warriors & Traders SRP $84.99 USD

Spiral Galaxy:

SPG002 Brief History of the World SRP $79.95 USD

Worthington Games:

WOG065 Napoleon's War II: Gates of Moscow SRP $75.00 USD
New Arrivals January 26th, 2012
Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0902 Against the Odds #34: Right Fierce & Terrible: Sluys 1340 SRP $34.95 USD COA-ATO0902



New Arrivals January 26th, 2012


GMT Games:

GMT1112 FAB: Sicily 1943 SRP $60.00 USD GMT1112



New Arrivals January 20th, 2012

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1846039706 Red Eagles SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPace102 MiG-3 Aces of World War II SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcam239 Plataea 479 BC SRP $20.95 CAD 

OSPeli119 Apache Tactics 1830-86 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPnvg186 US Marine Corps Tanks of World War II SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid027 Tomahawk and Musket - French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPraid027

OSPwpn017 The Lee-Enfield Rifle SRP $18.95 CAD


New Arrivals January 16th, 2012
Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-023 Field Commander: Rommel Deluxe SRP $49.99 USD DV1-023

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW022 Minsk '44 (East Front Battles Series 2) SRP $30.00 USD
New Arrivals January 9th, 2012
GMT Games:

GMT1114 C&C: Napoleonics Exapansion #1: Spanish Army SRP $50.00 USD GMT1114
GMT1115 C&C: Ancients Exapansion #6: Spartan Army SRP $55.00 USD


New Arrivals January 5th, 2012

Columbia Games:

COL2701 Slapshot: The Legendary Game of Ice Hockey Loonery SRP $24.99 USD
COL3311 Shenandoah: Jackson's Valley Campaign SRP $59.99 USD
New Arrivals December 23rd, 2011

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB4231 FC: Booster Pack #31: Rapid Delivery SRP $9.95 USD
ADB4232 FC: Booster Pack #32: Heavy Load SRP $9.95 USD
ADB4233 FC: Booster Pack #33: Special Delivery SRP $9.95 USD
ADB5744 Captain's Log #44 SRP $19.95 USD
ADB7103 Moduele E3: Borak SRP $12.00 USD


HXA-AL Allemagne 1813 SRP $51.00 USD
HXA-SI Spartacus Imperator SRP $51.00 USD HXA-SI


New Arrivals December 20th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG0272 S&T: The Battle of Lepanto SRP $30.00 USD

DCG4200 Patton's First Victory: Tunisia 1943 (Includes Computer Version) SRP $29.95 USD DCG4200


New Arrivals December 16th, 2011

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-BC Breakthrough Cambrai SRP $48.00 USD MMP-BC


Osprey Publishing:

OSPcom063 Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' Units of World War II SRP $23.95 CAD
OSPnvg183 Warships of the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-74 SRP $18.95 CAD
OSPwpn014 The M16 SRP $18.95 CAD



New Arrivals December 14th, 2011

Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLBP1 ASLComp Bulge Pack 1 SRP $39.95 USD
CRH-ASLCD ASLComp Condor Legions SRP $89.95 USD
CRH-ASLDD ASLComp Darkest December SRP $59.95 USD
CRH-ASLGEN2 ASLComp Genesis 2nd Edition SRP $99.95 USD
CRH-ASLTL2 ASLComp Tyrant's Lair 2 SRP $69.95 USD
CRH-ASLTOKP ASLComp Chosen Few SRP $59.95 USD

Days of Wonder:

DOW730020 Memoire '44: Campaign Book Vol. 2 SRP $39.95 USD


New Arrivals December 6th, 2011
Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0901 Against the Odds #33: Meatgrinder: The Battle of Xuan Loc; 1975 SRP $34.95 USD

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-SITREP41 Naval Sitrep Magazine 41 SRP $6.95 USD

GMT Games:

GMT1113 CC: Resistance SRP $55.00 USD GMT1113



New Arrivals December 5th, 2011


Academy Games:

AYG5251 Fog of War: Strike of the Eagle: The Polish/Soviet War of 1919 SRP $65.00 USD

Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLTB4NO ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/o Map (for owners of earlier editions) SRP $24.95 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPace100 Ki-44 'Tojo' Aces of World War II SRP $23.95 CAD   

OSPraid025 Ride Around Missouri - Shelby's Great Raid 1863 SRP $19.95 CAD

Worthington Games:

WOG060 Victoria Cross II SRP $50.00 USD


New Arrivals November 18th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849083256 The Light Dragoons: A Regimental History SRP $22.00 CAD

OSP1849085311 Tomorrow's War: Science Fiction Wargaming SRP $36.95 CAD

OSP1849085489 Backbone: Marine Corps NCOs SRP $27.95 CAD

OSP1849086295 Happy Days! A Humorous Narrative in Drawings of the Progress of American Armies 1917-1919 SRP $16.95 CAD

OSP1849086462 The SAS in World War II SRP $30.00 CAD

OSP1849087162 The Road to Victory: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa SRP $33.00 CAD

OSPace101 Luftwaffe Viermot Aces 1942-45 SRP $23.95 CAD

OSPcam240 Wabash 1791: St. Clair's Defeat SRP $20.95 CAD

OSPdue040 CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPeli099 Italian Army Elite Units and Special Forces 1940-43 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPfce004 Cold War Gone Hot SRP $25.95 CAD

OSPmaa474 The Chaco War 1932-35 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPmaa475 Spanish Army in North America; The 1700-1793 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPnvg185 LAV-25 SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPraid026 Tora! Tora! Tora! - Pearl Harbor 1941 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwar160 Desert Rat 1940-43 SRP $19.95 CAD

OSPwpn012 The Uzi Submachine Gun SRP $18.95 CAD

OSPwpn013 The M1 Carbine SRP $18.95 CAD

 New Arrivals November 15th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW021 WAW: Rhineland 1936-37 - Alternative History SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD DCG-WAW021


New Arrivals November 7th, 2011


Multiman Publishing:

MMP-FKAC2 For King & Country 2nd Edition SRP $84.00 (Base Net $52.50) USD MMP-FKAC2


New Arrivals November 3rd, 2011

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-004 Modern Naval Battles: Global Warfare SRP $49.99 (Base Net $28.24) USD
DV1-004a Modern Naval Battles Expansion (Navies from Canada; Germany & Italy) SRP $24.99 (Base Net $14.12) USD
DV1-016 U-Boat Leader SRP $69.99 (Base Net $39.54) USD DV1-016

DV1-020 Kill Shot SRP $24.99 (Base Net $14.12) USD

GMT Games:

GMT1012-11 Labyrinth: War on Terror (Reprint) SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD



GMT1116  Urban Sprawl SRP $70.00 (Base Net $39.55) USD


New Arrivals November 2nd, 2011


GMT Games:

GMT0510-11 Twilight Struggle Deluxe (Reprint) SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD



New Arrivals October 26th, 2011 


Decision Games:

DCG0271 S&T: Second Kharkov SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD

DCG1022 Axis Empires:Totaler Krieg! (3rd Edition) SRP $120.00 (Base Net $67.80) USD DCG1022

DCG1023 Axis Empires: Dai Senso (Totaler Krieg in the Pacific) SRP $120.00 (Base Net $67.80) USD DCG1023



New Arrivals October 25th, 2011 


Osprey Publishing:

OSPfor105 Forts of the American Frontier 1776-1891 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


Treefrog Games:

MFG-TRG4003 A Few Acres of Snow (French & Indian War) SRP $55.00 (Base Net $36.58) USD


New Arrivals October 17th, 2011 

 Against the Odds:

COA-ATOCS3 ATO Campaign Study #3: Bradley's D-Day SRP $44.95 (Base Net $29.22) USD COA-ATOCS3


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849083126 Knight: The Warrior and the World of Chivalry SRP $34.00 (Base Net $19.21) CAD

OSP1849085380 Always Faithful: US Marines in World War II Combat: The 100 Best Photos SRP $45.00 (Base Net $25.43) CAD

OSP1849086479 Hitler's Armies: History of the German War Machine 1939-45 SRP $45.00 (Base Net $25.43) CAD

OSPcam238 St. Mihiel 1918 SRP $20.95 (Base Net $11.84) CAD

OSPcmd021 George Washington SRP $18.95 (Base Net $10.71) CAD

OSPcom090 AV-8B Harrier II Units of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm SRP $23.95 (Base Net $13.53) CAD

OSPeli182 Prussian Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPfce003 Ambush Valley SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPmaa473 The New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War I SRP $18.95 (Base Net $10.71) CAD

New Arrivals October 8th, 2011
Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLNT ASLComp Nordic Twilight SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD

Table Tactics:

TTC-E44 Engage: World War II Strategy Game: Tactical Level Combat SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD



New Arrivals October 7th, 2011


Decision Games:

DCG-WAW020 WAW: Famous Divisions: Gross Deutschland - Special Edition SRP $50.00 (Base Net $28.25) USD

Excalibre Games:

EXC7702 The Conquerors (Reprint): Two Games in One: Alexander in Persia & The Roman Mediterranean Expansion SRP $79.95 (Base Net $45.17) USD

EXC7703 Mighty Fortress (Reprint) Lutherans vs Catholics SRP $39.95 (Base Net $22.57) USD


New Arrivals October 4th, 2011


Victory Point Games:

VPG-AOGP Assault on Galactus Prime SRP $28.95 (Base Net $20.99) USD

VPG-BZ20 Berezina 20 Expansion Kit (Need Borodino 20 to play) SRP $13.95 (Base Net $10.11) USD

VPG-DOTZ Dawn of the Zeds SRP $39.95 (Base Net $28.96) USD

VPG-FTC For the Crown SRP $33.95 (Base Net $24.61) USD

VPG-HW Hero of Weehawken SRP $28.95 (Base Net $20.99) USD

VPG-KUTF Keep Up the Fire! SRP $26.95 (Base Net $19.54) USD

VPG-LEMXF Levee en Masse Expansion Kit (French) SRP $7.95 (Base Net $5.76) USD

VPG-TAR The Alamo Remembered SRP $19.95 (Base Net $14.46) USD

New Arrivals September 19th, 2011
Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849083904 Secret Weapons SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSP1849084147 Small-Scale Armour Modelling SRP $45.00 (Base Net $25.43) CAD
OSP1849086455 Out of Nowhere: A Revised and Updated History of the Military Sniper SRP $16.95 (Base Net $9.58) CAD
OSPaeu041 No 60 Sqn RFC/RAF SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSPcam144 Wake Island 1941 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPdue039 La-5/7 vs Fw 190 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPmaa471 Armies of the Adowa Campaign 1896 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPmaa472 Armies of the Irish Rebellion 1798 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg179 Special Operations Patrol Vehicles: Afghanistan and Iraq SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg184 Vietnam Gun Trucks SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPraid024 The Last Boarding Party - The USMC and the SS Mayaguez 1975 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwar158 Pirates: The Golden Age SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwar159 US MACV-SOG Reconnaissance Team in Vietnam SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwpn011 The Beretta M9 Pistol SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD


New Arrivals September 15th, 2011
Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB3210 FE: ISC War SRP $47.95 (Base Net $27.09) USD
ADB4109 FC: Transports Attacked SRP $29.95 (Base Net $16.92) USD
ADB5670 SFB: Omega Master Rulebook 2011 SRP $45.00 (Base Net $25.43) USD
ADB6104 AE: Distant Armada SRP $16.95 (Base Net $9.58) USD
ADB8997 GPS/PD20: Starship Aldo SRP $3.00 (Base Net $1.70) USD
New Arrivals September 9th, 2011
Compass Games:

CPA1010 No Peace Without Spain: The War of Spanish Succession 1702-13 SRP $59.00 (Base Net $39.24) USD

Critical Hit, Inc:

CRH-ASLBFD ASLComp: Berlin - Final Days of the 3rd Reich SRP $99.95 (Base Net $66.47) USD
CRH-ASLHB3-2 ASLComp Hell's Bridgehead 3 with Map SRP $39.95 (Base Net $26.57) USD
CRH-ASLTB4 ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/Map SRP $39.95 (Base Net $26.57) USD
CRH-ATSFMZ ATS: LZ X-Ray SRP $29.95 (Base Net $19.92) USD
CRH-ATSNT ATS Nordic Twilight SRP $59.95 (Base Net 39.87) USD
CRH-ATSRTB ATS On the Road to Bataan SRP $59.95 (Base Net 39.87) USD

The Gamers:

GMR0408-11 Guderian's Blitzkrieg II Reprint (with known errata) SRP $160.00 (Base Net $100.00) USD

Mayfair Games:

MFG4861 Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861 SRP $30.00 (Base Net $19.95) USD

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-OOTB1 Out ot the Bunker #1 SRP $16.00 (Base Net $10.00) USD
MMP-SP01 Special Ops Issue #1: Raphia/Savage Streets SRP $24.00 (Base Net $15.00) USD


New Arrivals September 7th, 2011
GMT Games:

GMT0011-MM For the People 2 Mounted Map SRP $20.00 (Base Net $11.30) USD
GMT0208-MM Barbarossa to Berlin Mounted Map SRP $20.00 (Base Net $11.30) USD
GMT0501-MM Empire of the Sun Mounted Map SRP $20.00 (Base Net $11.30) USD
GMT0509-MM Command and Colors Mounted Map SRP $20.00 (Base Net $11.30) USD
GMT1101 Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan SRP $59.00 (Base Net $33.34) USD
GMT1104 No Retreat! The Russian Front SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD GMT1104
GMT1108 Space Empires 4X SRP $65.00 (Base Net $36.73) USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPraid023 Revenge of the 47 Ronin - The Edo 1703 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
New Arrivals September 6th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG0270 S&T: American Revolution SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD

Excalibre Games:

EXC7701 Ancient Conquest (Reprint) SRP $44.95 (Base Net $25.40) USD
EXC7704 Battle for Stalingrad (Reprint) SRP $54.95 (Base Net $31.05) USD


New Arrivals August 31st, 2011
Battles Magazine:

BTL002 Battles #2: Counter Attack! Arras SRP $36.95 (Base Net $26.21) CAD BTL002
BTL004 Battles #4: Race for Berlin: The Final Struggle SRP $36.95 (Base Net $26.21) CAD
BTL005 Battles #5: White October 1919: The Battle for the Red Petrograd SRP $36.95 (Base Net $26.21) CAD
BTL006 Battles #6: 'Into the Bastards!': First Tank Battles SRP $36.95 (Base Net $26.21) CAD BTL006
New Arrivals August 30th, 2011

Shire Publishing:

SHR8435 British Campaign Medals of the First World War SRP $14.95 (Base Net $8.45) CAD


New Arrivals August 26th, 2011
GMT Games:

GMT1111 Sun of York SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD GMT1111

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP-SI Space Infantry: Solitaire Squad Level Combat in the Future SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD LLP-SI
New Arrivals August 21st, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849085471 Pocket History of the Civil War; A SRP $17.95 (Base Net $10.14) CAD
OSP1849085518 Battleground SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSP1849086486 Armies of the Napoleonic Wars (PB) SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPcam237 Fourth Crusade; The 1202-04 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPcmd018 Eisenhower SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPcom089 F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD
OSPdue037 King Tiger vs IS-2 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPdue038 P-40 Warhawk vs Bf 109 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPess072 Northern Ireland Troubles; The SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPmaa470 Roman Centurions 753-31 BC SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg182 Italian Battleships of World War II SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPwar157 French Foreign Legionnaire 1890-1914 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD


New Arrivals August 19th, 2011

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP-HOG LnL: Heroes of the Gap SRP $64.99 (Base Net $36.72) USD
LLP-LOF10 Line of Fire Magazine 10 SRP $39.99 (Base Net $22.59) USD
LLP-PIB WAW: Paris is Burning SRP $47.00 (Base Net $26.59) USD
New Arrivals August 3rd, 2011

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-010 Field Commander: Napoleon SRP $99.99 (Base Net $56.49) USD DV1-010


New Arrivals July 25th, 2011

Compass Games:

CPA1008 Proud Monster Deluxe: The War in Russia June 1941 to April 1944 SRP $130.00 (Base Net $86.45) USD CPA1008

Worthington Games:

WOG056 Boots on the Ground SRP $40.00 (Base Net $26.60) USD

New Arrivals July 25th, 2011

Ambush Alley Games:

AAG-FOFCD1 Force on Force Fog of War Deck SRP $18.00 (Base Net $11.97) USD

Clash of Arms Games:

COA-ATO0804 Against the Odds #32: Birth of a Legend: Lee and the Seven Days SRP $34.95 (Base Net $22.72) USD
COA-SITREP40 Naval Sitrep Magazine 40 SRP $6.95 (Base Net $3.93) USD


New Arrivals July 21st, 2011

GMT Games:

GMT-C3i25 C3i Issue #25 SRP $25.00 (Base Net $14.13) USD GMT-C3i25
New Arrivals July 18th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849085151 Battlefield Angels SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSP1849085496 They Shall Not Pass SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSPace097 Naval Aces of World War I (1) SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD
OSPcam236 Operation Pointblank 1944 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPcmd016 Horatio Nelson SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPcmd017 Bill Slim SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPfce002 Enduring Freedom SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPfogR06 Renaissance: Cities of Gold SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPmaa468 World War II Soviet Armed Forces (2) SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPraid022 Decateur's Bold and Daring Act - The Philadelphia in Tripoli 1804 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwar156 Early Roman Warrior 753-321 BC SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwpn010 The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


New Arrivals July 12th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW019 WAW: Hardest Days - Battle of Britain SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD
DCG0269 S&T: Falklands SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD
New Arrivals July 6th, 2011

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB5635 Module C3A: The Andromedan Threat File SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD
ADB5743 Captain's Log #43 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD
ADB8402 GPS: Federation SRP $24.95 (Base Net $14.10) USD

Victory Point Games:

VPG-ABD1        Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#1   Expansion/Extension     $16.95
VPG-ABD2        Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#2   Expansion/Extension     $16.95
VPG-ABD3        Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#3   Expansion/Extension     $16.95
VPG-ABD4        Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#4   Expansion/Extension     $16.95
VPG-ABD5        Ancient Battles Deluxe: Exp.#5   Expansion/Extension     $24.95
VPG-ABDO       Ancient Battles Deluxe    Ancient $34.95
VPG-AL20         Albion 20          Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-AOS          Assault on Sevastopol    WWII   $17.95
VPG-AT                        Astra Titanus    SciFi     $28.95
VPG-AU20        Austerlitz 20      Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-B4A          Battle of 4 Armies          Abstract            $17.95
VPG-B4M         Battle for Moscow          WWII   $17.95
VPG-B4MX       Battle for Moscow Expansion Ki Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-BL20         Bulge 20           WWII   $45.95
VPG-BL20X      Bulge 20 Expansion Kit Expansion/Extension     $6.95
VPG-BO20        Borodino 20      Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-BRB         A Blood Red Banner      1800's   $17.95
VPG-BU20        Bussaco 20        Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-CR20        Crisis 2020        Future History   $28.95
VPG-CT                        Circus Train     Trade   $34.95
VPG-CTX          Circus Train Expansion Kit       Expansion/Extension     $17.95
VPG-CXL          Caesar XL         Ancient $24.95
VPG-CXLX       Caesar XL Gold Expansion Kit  Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-DOE          Disaster on Everest         Exploration       $26.95
VPG-DOK2        Disaster on K2   Exploration       $26.95
VPG-DR20        Dresden 20        Napoleonic        $28.95
VPG-DW20        Dennewitz 20     Napoleonic        $11.50
VPG-EIA           Empires in America       1700's   $35.95
VPG-EIAX         Empires in America Expansion K           Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-FF                        Final Frontier    SF        $40.95
VPG-FH            Forlorn: HOPE SciFi     $34.95
VPG-FL25         Fleets 2025: East China Sea        Future History   $26.95
VPG-FTC          For the Crown   Fantasy $33.95
VPG-GO20        Gorlitz 20          Napoleonic        $11.50
VPG-GR20        Grossbeeren 20  Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-II              Israeli Independence (Solitaire)   Post WWII        $17.95
VPG-IIX                        Israeli Independence Expansion Expansion/Extension     $6.95
VPG-ISH           I Say; Holmes!   Crime   $20.95
VPG-JE20          Jena 20 Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-KA20        Katzbach 20      Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-KU20        Kulm 20           Napoleonic        $13.95
VPG-LAS          Loot and Scoot  Fantasy $20.95
VPG-LASX        Loot and Scoot Expansion Kit 1 Expansion/Extension     $9.50
VPG-LEM         Levee en Masse  Napoleonic        $26.95
VPG-LEMF       Levee en Masse (French Edition) Napoleonic        $26.95
VPG-LEMX       Levee en Masse Expansion Kit    Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-LOD          Legions of Darkness       Fantasy $26.95
VPG-LODX       Legions of Darkness Expansion  Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-NA20        Napoleonic 20 Expansion Kit     Expansion/Extension     $28.95
VPG-NAB         Na Berlin          WWII   $13.95
VPG-NR1          No Retreat! 1 (Russia)     WWII   $34.95
VPG-NR2          No Retreat! 2 (Africa)      WWII   $40.95
VPG-NRS          No Retreat! 1 (Solitaire)  Expansion/Extension     $10.50
VPG-NS            No Surrender (No Retreat! Expa  Expansion/Extension     $10.50
VPG-NW           Nemo's War      SF        $34.95
VPG-NWX         Nemo's War Expansion Kit        Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-OK            Objective: Kiev  WWII   $19.95
VPG-OS            Ottoman Sunset (Solitaire)          WWI    $26.95
VPG-OV            Operation Veritable       WWII   $19.95
VPG-PAR          PARSEC           SF        $40.95
VPG-PARX       PARSEC Expansion #1  Expansion/Extension     $9.50
VPG-PKDDA     Paul Koenig's D-Day: American  WWII   $24.95
VPG-PKDDB     Paul Koenig's D-Day: British B  WWII   $24.95
VPG-PKDDC     Paul Koenig's D-Day: Canadian WWII   $17.95
VPG-SBH          Star Borders: Humanity SciFi     $26.95
VPG-SD            Soviet Dawn      WWI    $26.95
VPG-SDX          Soviet Dawn Expansion Kit        Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-SF1           Strike Force One            Post WWII        $11.50
VPG-SF1X        Strike Force One Expansion       Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-SM20        Smolensk 20      Napoleonic        $11.50
VPG-TAB          The Arduous Beginning (Russo-G          WWII   $19.95
VPG-TBC          The Barbarossa Campaign (Solitaire)      WWII   $51.95
VPG-TCT          TC Tennis        Sport    $34.95
VPG-TDOM       The Drive on Metz         WWII   $17.95
VPG-TEN          Tenka   Medieval           $22.95
VPG-TFTW       6_Tattered Flags: The Wheatfie   ACW    $40.95
VPG-TGD          The Great Divide           American West  $19.95
VPG-TL                        Target Leningrad          WWII   $19.95
VPG-TLC          The Lost Cause (Solitaire)          ACW    $45.95
VPG-TLCX        The Lost Cause Expansion Kit   Expansion/Extension     $7.95
VPG-TOV          Trenches of Valor          WWI    $17.95
VPG-TOVX       Trenches of Valor Expanison Kit            Expansion/Extension     $10.50
VPG-TTNC        Toe-to-Toe Nu'kir Combat wth the Ruskies          Post WWII        $17.95
VPG-VI20          Vittoria 20         Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-WA20        Waterloo 20       Napoleonic        $24.95
VPG-WMTE      We Must Tell the Emperor (WWII          WWII   $26.95
VPG-WMTEX    We Must Tell the Emperor Expan           Expansion/Extension     $9.50
VPG-ZOTR        Zulus on the Ramparts! Victorian           $26.95
VPG-ZOTRX     Zulus on the Ramparts! Expansi            Expansion/Extension     $6.95
VPGJE20           Jena 20 Napoleonic        $24.95


New Arrivals July 4th, 2011

GMT Games:

GMT1102 Case Yellow: France 1940 SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD GMT1102
GMT1109 Nightfighter: Air Warfare in the Night Skies of World War Two SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD GMT1109
New Arrivals June 30th, 2011

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0803 Against the Odds #31: Hungarian Nightmare: Budapest 1945 SRP $34.95 (Base Net $22.72) USD

Clash of Arms:

COA1106126 Emperor's Fleet: The Imperial Japanese Fleet in World War II SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD


New Arrivals June 28th, 2011

Heat of Battle:

HOB019 Buckeyes! SRP $32.00 (Base Net $20.00) USD

HOB022 FireFights! 2 SRP $37.00 (Base Net $23.13) USD

HOB023 Recon by Fire 3 SRP $44.00 (Base Net $27.50) USD

HOB027 Kreta - Operation Merkur SRP $73.00 (Base Net $45.63) USD

HOB028 Special Forces I SRP $44.00 (Base Net $27.50) USD

HOB032 Recon by Fire 4 SRP $62.00 (Base Net $38.75) USD

HOB040 Long march SRP $37.00 (Base Net $23.13) USD

HOB041 Special Forces II SRP $44.00 (Base Net $27.50) USD


New Arrivals June 22nd, 2011

Multiman Publishing:

GMR0514 Karelia '44: The Last Campaign of the Continuation War SRP $42.00 (Base Net $26.25) USD

GMR1001 None But Heroes SRP $80.00 (Base Net $50.00) USD

MMP-ASLSK-EP1 ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 SRP $36.00 (Base Net $22.50) USD

MMP-WO2011 Winter Offensive 2011 Bonus Pack SRP $20.00 (Base Net $12.50) USD


New Arrivals June 20th, 2011


PEG4501 The War Game: World War II $125.99 (Base Net $83.78) USD

Worthington Games:

WOG057 Guns of August SRP $50.00 (Base Net $33.25) USD


New Arrivals June 19th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849083652 Silent Killers: Submarine and Undersea Warfare SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD OSP1849083652
OSPace099 Aces of the Legion Condor SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD
OSPcam235 Walcheren 1944 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPcmd014 Garibaldi SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPcmd015 Walther Model SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPdue034 E-Boat vs MTB SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPeli185 European Medieval Tactics (1) SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPeli186 Vietnam Infantry Tactics SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPnvg180 Kamikaze: Japanese Special Attack Weapons 1944-45 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD OSPnvg180
OSPnvg181 Yangtze River Gunboats 1900-49 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPraid021 Operation Archery - The Commandos and the Vaagso Raid 1941 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD


New Arrivals June 3rd, 2011

GMT Games:

GMT1103 CC: Battle Pack No 4: New Guinea SRP $25.00 (Base Net $14.13) USD
GMT1106 Infidel: The Supremacy of Cavalry in the Crusader Era 11th-12th Century SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD


HXA-A&B Almeida & Bussaco 1810 SRP $25.00 (Base Net $14.13) USD

New Arrivals May 30th, 2011


BFM-FBX03 Flames of War: A Bridge Too Far - Operation Market Garden SRP $45.00 (Base Net $29.93) USD

Critical Hit Inc:

CRH-ASLBOB ASLComp BoB Normandy SRP $29.95 (Base Net $19.92) USD
CRH-ASLRTB ASLComp On the Road to Bataan SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD
Osprey Publishing:

OSPraid020 The Great Chevauchee - John of Gaunt's Raid on France 1373 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
One Small Step:

S2P-OSS0901 Battle for Baghdad SRP $79.95 (Base Net $53.17) USD

S2P-TBG001 War on Terror Boardgame SRP $49.99 (Base Net $33.24) USD

WLG-WGBP001 Black Powder Rulebook SRP $59.25 (Base Net $39.40) USD
WLG-WGH001 Hail Caesar! Rulebook SRP $68.14 (Base Net $45.31) USD


New Arrivals May 20th, 2011

Avalanche Press:

APL0701 They Shall Not Pass (Reprint in Playbook Format) SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.92) USD
APL0844 Enlightened Warlords: A Soldier Kings Player's Guide SRP $19.99 (Base Net $11.29) USD
APL1823 PZG: Divisione Corazzato (Advanced Italian Tanks) SRP $9.99 (Base Net $5.64) USD
APL1824 SWWaS: Orange Waters (Royal Netherlands Navy) SRP $9.99 (Base Net $5.64) USD
Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP1008-11 LnL: Dark July 2nd Edition SPR $42.99 (Base Net $24.29) USD
LLP-LOF9 Line of Fire Magazine 9 SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD
LLP-SLT Summer Lightning: Invasion of Poland '39 SPR $42.99 (Base Net $24.29) USD
Osprey Publishing:

OSP1846034916 Iran at War SPR $34.00 (Base Net $19.21) CAD
OSP1849082228 Tank Spotters Guide SRP $11.95 (Base Net $6.75) CAD
OSP1849084826 Dogfight: The Greatest Air Duels of World War II SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSP1849084949 US Small Arms in World War II SRP $40.00 (Base Net $22.60) CAD
OSP1849085205 A History of the World in 100 Weapons SPR $34.00 (Base Net $19.21) CAD
OSPdue035 F-105 Wild Weasel vs SA-2 'Guideline' SAM SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPfogR05 Renaissance: Duty and Glory SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPfor104 Fortress Monasteries of the Himalayas SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwar155 ANZAC Infantryman 1914-15 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwpn009 Colt 1911 Pistol; The SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
New Arrivals May 19th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW018 WAW: South Seas Campaign SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD DCG-WAW018


New Arrivals May 9th, 2011

Clash of Arms:

COA1103124 La Bataille de la Moscowa SRP $150.00 (Base Net $84.75) USD COA1103124
New Arrivals April 28th, 2011

GMT Games:

GMT1105 Fighting Formations SRP $85.00 (Base Net $48.03) USD GMT1105


New Arrivals April 27th, 2011

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLHB3-1 ASLComp Hell's Bridgehead 3 w/o Map SRP $29.95 (Base Net $19.92) USD
CRH-ATSFMDZ ATS Field Manual Drop Zone Normandy SRP $29.95 (Base Net $19.92) USD

Z-Man Games:

ZMG4072 Lords of Scotland SRP $10.00 (Base Net $6.65) USD


ZVE6134 World War II: Barbarossa 1941 SRP $69.95 (Base Net $46.52) USD
New Arrivals April 18th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849081634 The Concord Story 7th Edition SRP $40.00 (Base Net $22.60) CAD
OSP1849082204 US Multi-Role Fighter Jets SRP $40.00 (Base Net $22.60) CAD
OSP1849084789 Overlord SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPace098 Spitfire Aces of North Africa and Italy SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD
OSPcam233 Boudicca's Rebellion AD 60-61 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPcmd012 Saladin SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPcmd013 Heinz Guderian SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPdue036 SPAD VII vs Albertros D III SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPess072 Jacobite Rebellion; The 1745-46 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPfce000 Force on Force SRP $39.95 (Base Net $22.57) CAD
OSPfce001 Road to Baghdad SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPfor103 Fortifications of Verdun 1874-1917 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPmaa466 Armies of the Balkan Wars 1912-13 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPmaa467 North American Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg175 US Submarines 1900-35 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg178 Mark V Tank SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPraid018 The Zeppelin Base Raids - Germany 1914 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPraid019 Storming Flight 181 - GSG-9 and the Mogadishu Hijack 1977 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwpn008 The AK-47 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


New Arrivals April 13th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG0268 S&T: When Lions Sailed SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) USD DCG0268
New Arrivals April 7th, 2011

Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AP7 ASL Action Pack #7: 3 New Maps and 10 Scenarios SRP $30.00 (Base Net $18.75) USD
MMP-J9 ASL: Journal 9 SRP $44.00 (Base Net $27.50) USD


New Arrivals April 5th, 2011


HXA-MAR Marne 1918: Friedensturm SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD HXA-MAR
New Arrivals April 1st, 2011


HXA-VJA014 Vae Victis BG4: From Overlord to Berlin (English Version) SRP $32.00 (Base Net $26.00) USD HXA-VJA014

Pen and Sword:

OMM1945101 Cross & Crecent: The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern Europe SRP $40.00 (Base Net $28.13) USD


New Arrivals March 28th, 2011

Against the Odds:

COA-ATOGA10 Against the Odds Annual: Four Roads to Moscow SRP $44.95 (Base Net $29.22) USD COA-ATOGA10

Clash of Arms:

COA1104125 Command at Sea: American Fleets SRP $28.00 (Base Net $15.82) USD COA1104125
New Arrivals March 21st, 2011

Critical Hit Inc:

CRH-ASLPEL ASL: White Beach One: Peleliu 1944 SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD

Eagle Games:

EGL101055 Struggle of Empires SRP $59.99 (Base Net $39.89) USD

Fantasy Flight Games:

FFG-TD06 ToI: Fury of the Bear SRP $79.95 (Base Net $53.17) USD

Numbskull Games:

NUM004 Popular Front SRP $39.99 (Base Net $26.59) USD
NUM005 Blockade Runner SRP $49.99 (Base Net $33.24) USD
NUM007 Grand Conquest SRP $59.99 (Base Net $39.89) USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849084802 Alexander the Great at War SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPaeu039 57th Fighter Group - First in the Blue SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSPaeu040 Jasta 18 - The Red Noses SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD
OSPcam230 Nile 1798 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPcam232 The Bismark 1941 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD
OSPfogR04 Renaissance: Colonies and Conquest SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD
OSPfor102 Defense of the Rhine 1944-45 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPmaa465 Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPnvg177 Humber Light Reconnaissance Car 1941-45 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD
OSPwar153 Bronze Age Greek Warrior 1600-1100 BC SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwar154 Border Reiver 1513-1603 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD
OSPwpn007 Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Dagger SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


New Arrivals March 16th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW017 WAW: Leningrad ’41 SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.95) USD WAW17


New Arrivals February 16th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG0267 S&T: Russian Civil War - Special Edition SRP $50.00 (Base Net $28.25) USD

DCG9003 With Custer At The Death SRP $29.95 (Base Net $18.72) USD

New Arrivals February 15th, 2011

Against the Odds:

COA-ATO0802 Against the Odds #30: Lash of the Turk SRP $34.95 (Base Net $22.72) USD


BEL-COC02 Campaign Commander Volume II: Coral Sea SRP $58.00 (Base Net $38.57) USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ATSMET ATS: Kursk Metal Gods SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD
CRH-ATSPEL ATS: White Beach One: Peleliu 1944 SRP $49.95 (Base Net $33.22) USD

Lock n’ Load:

LLP-ATS2 All Things Zombie 2nd Edition SRP $59.95 (Base Net $33.89) USD

Mayfair Games:

MFG-TRG4002 London SRP $55.00 (Base Net $36.58) USD


NUM003 Last of the Independents SRP $39.99 (Base Net $26.59) USD

Rio Grande:

RIO427 Mousquetaires du Roy SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD

Ultra Pro:

UPR82602 Board Game Sleeves SRP $2.99 (Base Net $1.99) USD

Valley Games:

VLY005 Liberte SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD


New Arrivals February 13th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849084772 SEALs SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSP1849084796 No Greater Ally (PB) SRP $16.95 (Base Net $9.58) CAD

OSPace092 Fw 190 Defense of the Reich Aces SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPcam231 Nez Perce 1877 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD

OSPcmd011 Hannibal SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPcom087 B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPcom088 Victor Units of the Cold War SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPnvg176 Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-45 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPraid017 The Great Expedition - Sir Francis Drake on the Spanish Main 1585-86 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD


New Arrivals January 28th, 2011

Operations Studies Group:

OSG201 The Coming Storm: Quadrigame of the Fourth Coaltion; October 1806 - June 1807 SRP $120.00 (Base Net 67.80) USD

OSG2011 Jena-Auerstadt: Rendez-vous of Honor SRP $24.00 (Base Net $13.56) USD

OSG2012 Pultusk-Golymin: Christmas in the Mud SRP $24.00 (Base Net $13.56) USD

OSG2013 Eylau: Stalemate in the Snow SRP $24.00 (Base Net $13.56) USD

OSG2014 Friedland: A Fatal Crossing SRP $24.00 (Base Net $13.56) USD


New Arrivals January 25th, 2011

Albe Pavo:

ALB-MFG Munera: Familia Gladiatoria SRP $54.99 (Base Net $31.07) CAD 


New Arrivals January 24th, 2011

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW016 WAW: Partizan! The War in Yugoslavia SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD 


New Arrivals January 18th, 2011

GMT Games:

GMT1007 East Front Series: Crimea SRP $79.00 (Base Net $44.64) USD

GMT1013 Spanish Civil War SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD


New Arrivals January 15th, 2011

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849084819 The Good Life on a Budget: Delicous Fun and Time-Saving Tips from Britain's Austerity Era SRP $16.95 (Base Net $9.58) CAD

OSPcam228 Teutoburg Forest AD 9 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD

OSPcom085 B-57 Canberra Units of the Vietnam War SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPdue033 Panzer IV vs Char B1 Bis SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPfogR03 Renaissance: Clash of Empires SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD

OSPfor101 Forts of Colonial North America; The SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD


New Arrivals January 10th, 2011

Columbia Games:

COL3322 Shiloh: April 1862 SRP $59.99 (Base Net $37.49) USD COL3322


Top Selling Games at Mindsports: 2010

1. Twilight Struggle (GMT)

2. Battle Line (GMT)

3. Habitants & Highlanders (Canadian Wargamers Group)

4. Command & Colours: Ancients (GMT)

5. Washington's War (GMT)

6. War is Hell: Fires of Midway (Clash of Arms)

7. Battle for Normandy (GMT)

8. FC: Serpent of the Sea (GMT)

9. Command & Colours: Napoleonics (GMT)

10. Stalin's War (GMT)

Top Selling Magazines at Mindsports: 2010

1. S&T 265: Operation Jubilee (Decision Games)

2. ASL Journal 8 (Multiman Publishing)

3. C3i Magazine Issue 23 (GMT)

4. S&T 266: Julian (Decision Games)

5. C3i Magazine Issue 24 (GMT)

6. World at War 13: Guards Tank (Decision Games)

7. S&T 261: Kaiser's War (Decision Games)

8. World at War 10: Coral Sea (Decision Games)

9. World at War 11: Africa Corps (Decision Games)

10. World at War 12: 1940 What If? (Decision Games)


New Arrivals January 6th, 2011


Compass Games:

CPA1011 Steel Wolves: The German Submarine Campaign Against Allied Shipping - Vol. 1 SRP $130.00 (Base Net $86.45) USD

CPA1013 Storming the Reich SRP $59.00 (Base Net $39.24) USD

CPA1014 Imperial Japanese Navy SRP $30.00 (Base Net $19.95) USD

Critical Hit:

CRH-ASLMET ASL: Kursk Metal Gods SRP $59.95 (Base Net $53.17) USD

CRH-TBEXP6 ATS: Expansion Pack 6: Killing Fields SRP $32.95 (Base Net $21.91) USD

Worlds Forge:

WFG002 FC: Singapore 1942 Cards Expansion SRP $35.00 (Base Net $24.38) USD


New Arrivals December 24th, 2010

GMT Games:

GMT1014 C&C: Napoleonics SRP $70.00 (Base Net $39.55) USD


New Arrivals December 22nd, 2010

Clash of Arms Games:

COA1008122 Persian Incursion SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD

COA1012123 Command at Sea Player's Handbook SRP $10.00 (Base Net $5.65) USD

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP-LOF8 Line of Fire Magazine 8 SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD

LLP-OGB WAW: Operation Garbo SRP $47.00 (Base Net $26.56) USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSPace096 Mustang Aces of the 357th Fighter Group SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPaeu037 Jagdgescwader 400 SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD

OSPaeu038 53 Stormo SRP $30.00 (Base Net $16.95) CAD

OSPdue029 Hurricane vs Bf 110 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPfogR02 Renaissance: Trade and Treachery SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD

OSPnvg172 US Fast Battleships 1938-91 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPnvg173 French Tanks of World War I SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


New Arrivals December 21st, 2010

Lock n’ Load Publishing:

LLP-WSR NAW: White Star Rising SRP $59.99 (Base Net $33.89) USD

LLP-TUS WAW: The Untold Stories SRP $64.99 (Base Net $36.72) USD


New Arrivals December 17th, 2010

Decision Games:

 DCG0266DCG0266 S&T: Julian: 4th Century Roman Victories SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD
New Arrivals December 14th, 2010

Dan Verssen Games:



DV1-014 Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations SRP $89.99 (Base Net $50.84) USD DV1-014

New Arrivals December 6th, 2010

Decision Games:

DCG-WAW015 WAW: Soft Underbelly: Italy 1943 SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD DCG-WAW015
New Arrivals November 24th, 2010

GMT Games:

GMT1012 Labyrinth: War on Terror SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD GMT1012


New Arrivals November 22nd, 2010

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849083645 Peninsular War Atlas; The SRP $86.00 (Base Net $48.59) CAD

OSP1849083898 Extraordinary Heroes SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPcam229 Kohima 1944 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD

OSPcmd009 Bernard Montgomery SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPcmd010 Marlborough SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPcom079 Junkers Ju 88 Kampfgeschwader on the Russian Front SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPcom082 A-26 Invader Units of World War II SRP $25.95 (Base Net $14.66) CAD

OSPdue032 T-34-85 vs M26 Pershing SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPeli184 World War II Allied Sabotage Devices and Booby Traps SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPmaa462 Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years' War (2) SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPnvg169 US Fast Battleships 1936-47 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPnvg174 Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPraid016 Dambusters - Operation Chastise 1943 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPwar152 Royal Navy Air Service Pilot 1914-18 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPwpn005 Katana - The Samurai Sword SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPwpn006 Sniper Rifles SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

New Arrivals November 12th, 2010

Academy Games:

AYG5003 CoH: Price of Honor: Poland 1939 SRP $50.00 (Base Net $33.25) USD

World Forge:

WFG001 Field Command: Singapore 1942 SRP $112.99 (Base Net $74.75) USD


New Arrivals November 9th, 2010

GMT Games:

GMT9903-10 Paths of Glory (Reprint) SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD

GMT0405-10 Sword of Rome (Reprint) SRP $70.00 (Base Net $39.55) USD

GMT0506-10 Flying Colours (Reprint) SRP $60.00 (Base Net $33.90) USD

GMT0512-10 Here I Stand (Reprint) SRP $85.00 (Base Net $48.03) USD

GMT0801-10 Manoeuvre (Reprint) SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD

New Arrivals November 3rd, 2010

Multiman Publishing:

GMR0214 TCS: Bloody Ridge (New price & available again) SRP $32.00 (Base Net $20.00) USD 
MMP-BRTGG Blood Reef Tarawa Gamers' Guide SRP $16.00 (Base Net $10.00) USD 
MMP-TAS The Tide at Sunrise SRP $40.00 (Base Net $25.00) USD 


Top Selling Games at Mindsports: October 2010

  1. SFB: Module Y3: Early Years III (Amarillo)
  2. Beda Fomm (GMT)
  3. SFB: Module YG3 (Amarillo)
  4. Federation PD20M (Amarillo)
  5. DG Folio: Chalons (Decison)
  6. DG Folio: Arnhem (Decision)
  7. Dominant Species (GMT)
  8. Anzio/Cassino (Worthington)
  9. Germantown (GMT)
  10. DiF: Guns Blazing (Dan Verssen Games)


New Arrivals October 29th, 2010

Critical Hit:

CRH-AK007 ASL: Afrikakorps: Core Pack 2: Battle of Gazalatim SRP $59.95 (Base Net $39.87) USD 
CRH-AK008 ASL: Afrikakorps: Frontier War SRP $13.95 (Base Net $9.28) USD
CRH-AK009 ASL: Afrikakorps: Reluctant Offensive SRP $13.95 (Base Net $9.28) USD
CRH-AK010 ASL: Afrikakorps: Along the Via Balbia SRP $13.95 (Base Net $9.28) USD
CRH-AK011 ASL: Afrikakorps: Hellfire Pass and Beyond SRP $13.95 (Base Net $9.28) USD
CRH-AK012 ASL: Afrikakorps: El Guettar Stakes SRP $13.95 (Base Net $9.28) USD
Decision Games:
DCG1602 DG Folio: Marengo: Morning Defeat Afternoon Victory SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1603 DG Folio: Leipzig: Napoleon Encircled SRP $24.95 (Base Net $14.10) USD 
DCG1604 DG Folio: Chickamauga: River of Death SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1606 DG Folio: Frayser's Farm: Wasted Opportunity SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1607 DG Folio: Shiloh: Grant Surprised SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1609 DG Folio: Cauldron: Battle for Gazala SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1610 DG Folio: Kasserine: Baptism of Fire SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1611 DG Folio: Saipan: Conquest of the Marianas SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1612 DG Folio: Bastogne: A Desperate Defense SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
DCG1614 DG Folio: Crusader: Battle for Tobruk SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD
DCG1615 DG Folio: Naktong Bulge: Breaking the Perimeter SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD
DCG1616 DG Folio: Golan: The Syrian Offensive SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD
DCG1617 DG Folio: Showdown: The Coming Indo-Pakistani War SRP $21.95 (Base Net $12.40) USD
DCG1618 DG Folio: DMZ: The Next Korean War SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD 
Worlds Forge:
WFG001 Field Command: Singapore 1942 SRP $112.99 (Base Net $74.75) USD 
Z-Man Games:
ZMG7051 Duel of the Giants SRP $65.00 (Base Net $43.23) USD


New Arrivals October 19th, 2010

Osprey Publishing:

OSPmaa458 Army of the Republic of Vietnam 1955-75 SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD OSPmaa458


New Arrivals October 17th, 2010


Osprey Publishing:

OSP1846039379 Trench SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) CAD

OSP1849081702 The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln SRP $18.95 (Base Net $10.71) CAD

OSP1849081726 The Military History Quiz Book SRP $11.95 (Base Net $6.75) CAD

OSP1849084246 The Blitz - An Illustrated History SRP $34.00 (Base Net $19.21) CAD

OSPcam227 London 1917-18 SRP $22.95 (Base Net $12.97) CAD     

OSPdark001 Zombies: A Hunter's Guide SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPdue031 British Dreadnoughts vs German Dreadnoughts SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPeli183 U-Boat Tactics in World War II SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPfor099 Defence of Japan 1945 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPfor100 The Fuhrer's Headquarters SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPmaa464 World War II Soviet Armed Forces (1) SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPraid015 A Far-Flung Gamble - Havana 1762 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPwar151 Samurai Women 1184-1877 SRP $22.00 (Base Net $12.43) CAD

OSPwpn003 Medieval Handgonnes $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD

OSPwpn004 Browning .50-caliber Machine Guns $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) CAD


New Arrivals October 14th, 2010

Clash of Arms:

COA-SITREP39 Naval Sitrep Magazine 39 SRP $6.95 (Base Net $3.93) USD

Decision Games:

DCG0265 S&T: Operation Jubilee: Dieppe SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD

DCG1601 DG Folio: Chalons: The Fate of Europe SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD

DCG1608 DG Folio: Arnhem: The Farthest Bridge SRP $19.95 (Base Net $11.27) USD

DCG1613 DG Folio: Aachen: First to Fall SRP $21.95 (Base Net $12.40) USD


New Arrivals October 13th, 2010

Legion Wargames:

LWG1001 Island War Series Vol.1: Saipan & Tinian SRP $65.00 (Base Net $40.63) USD Saipan




New Arrivals October 8th, 2010

Amarillo Design Bureau:

ADB0238 Federation LTT SRP $9.95 (Base Net $5.62) USD

ADB0239 Federation Old CA SRP $8.95 (Base Net $5.06) USD

ADB0717 Tholian TK5 SRP $7.95 (Base Net $4.49) USD

ADB5425 SFB: Module YG3 SRP $7.50 (Base Net $4.24) USD

ADB5634 Module Y3: Early Years III SRP $27.95 (Base Net $15.79) USD

ADB8722 Federation PD20M SRP $24.95 (Base Net $14.10) USD


New Arrivals October 7th, 2010

Dan Verssen Games:

DV1-011 Down in Flames: Guns Blazing SRP $59.99 (Base Net $33.89) USD

DV1-011A DiF: Guns Blazing Extra Cards SRP $29.99 (Base Net $16.94) USD


Top Selling Games at Mindsports: September 2010

  1. Normandy '44 (GMT)
  2. King Philip's War (Multiman)
  3. Tank on Tank (Lock n' Load)
  4. Stone's River (Decision)
  5. Roads to Stalingrad (Bellica)
  6. ASL Starter Kit 1 (Multiman)
  7. Tomb for an Empire (Bellica)
  8. Republic of Rome (Valley)
  9. Battle Above the Clouds (Multiman)
  10. Fires of Midway (Clash of Arms)

New Arrivals October 6th, 2010

Worthington Games:

WOG049 Napoleon's War: Battle Pack 1 SRP $25.00 (Base net $16.63) USD

WOG050 Napoleon's War: Battle Pack 2 SRP $25.00 (Base net $16.63) USD

WOG052 Anzio/Cassino SRP $50.00 (Base Net $33.25) USD

WOG053 Red Poppies SRP $50.00 (Base Net $33.25) USD


New Arrivals October 4th, 2010

GMT Games:

GMT1010 Germantown SRP $55.00 (Base Net $31.08) USD

GMT1011 Dominant Species SRP $79.00 (Base Net $44.64) USD

GMT-CSP1 Beda Fomm SRP $38.00 (Base Net $21.47) USD


New Arrivals September 30th, 2010

Avalanche Press:

APL0017f SWWaS: Bomb Alley (Boxless) SRP $49.99 (Base Net $28.24) USD

APL0033f SWWaS: Bismark (Boxless) SRP $40.00 (Base Net $22.60) USD

APL0041 SWWaS: Coral Sea 1942: The First Carrier Battle SRP $29.95 (Base Net $16.92) USD

APL0045 GWaS: Pacific Crossroads: Japanese-American Naval War Plans; 1917 SRP $29.95 (Base Net $16.92) USD

APL0834 PZG: Workers and Peasants SRP $24.99 (Base Net $14.12) USD

APL0836 GWaS: U.S. Navy Plan Scarlet SRP $19.99 (Base Net $11.29) USD

APL1819 PZG: Hopeless; But Not Serious SRP $24.99 (Base Net $14.12) USD

APL1820 PZG: DAK '44 SRP $19.99 (Base Net $11.29) USD

APL1822 PZG: Polish Steel SRP $19.99 (Base Net $11.29) USD


New Arrivals September 20th, 2010


BEL-RtS Campaign Commander Volume I: Roads to Stalingrad SRP $57.00 USD BEL-Rts

BEL-TfaE Age of Muskets Volume I: Tomb for an Empire SRP $100.00 USD BEL-TfaE


PTG20004 Panzer General: Russian Assault SRP $60.00 USD PTG20004

Valley Games:

VLY003 Republic of Rome SRP $69.95 USD VLY003

Standard retailer discounts apply

New Arrivals September 18th, 2010

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849081474 Military Mayhem SRP $14.00 CAD OSP1849081474

OSP1849081900 Battleground Prussia SRP $34.00 CAD OSP1849081900

OSP1849084369 Tonight We Die As Men (PB) SRP $18.95 CAD OSP1849084369

OSP1849084376 Blitz Spirit SRP $16.95 CAD OSP1849084376

OSPcam226 Midway 1942 SRP $22.95 CAD OSPcam226

OSPcmd007 Robert E. Lee SRP $22.00 CAD OSPcmd007

OSPcmd008 Henry V SRP $22.00 CAD OSPcmd008

OSPcom086 Typhoon Wings of 2nd TAF 1941-45 SRP $25.95 CAD OSPcom086

OSPdue030 M60 vs T-62 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPdue030

OSPfogR00 Field of Glory: Renaissance SRP $39.95 CAD OSPfogR00

OSPfogR01 Renaissance: Wars of Religion SRP $27.95 CAD OSPfogR01

OSPfor098 Fortifications of Ancient Egypt; The 3000-1780 BC SRP $22.00 CAD OSPfor098

OSPmaa460 Frederick the Great's Allies SRP $19.95 CAD OSPmaa460

OSPmaa463 Chinese Warlord Armies 1911-30 SRP $19.95 CAD OSPmaa463

OSPnvg171 Mil Mi-24 Hind Gunship SRP $19.95 CAD OSPnvg171

OSPraid014 The Los Banos Prison Camp Raid - The Phillipines 1945 SRP $22.00 CAD OSPraid014

OSPwar150 Carthaginian Warrior 264-146 BC SRP $22.00 CAD OSPwar150

OSPwpn001 Thompson Submachine Gun; The SRP $19.95 CAD OSPwpn001

OSPwpn002 Rocket Propelled Grenade; The SRP $19.95 CAD OSPwpn002

Normal retailer discounts apply.



New arrivals September 16th, 2010

Decision Games:

DCG0264 S&T #264: The Battle of Shiloh SRP $29.99 USD DCG0264

DCG1605 Folio Game Series: Stones River - Turning Point in Tennessee SRP $19.99 USD DCG1605 

DCG-WAW014 World at War #14: Pearl Harbor 1941 - What if the Japanese Invaded? SRP $29.99 USD DCG-WAW014

Normal retail discounts apply

New Arrivals September 14th, 2010

Multiman Publishing:

GMR-SP03 Operations Special Issue #3: Fury in the East SRP $42.00 USD

MMP-KPW King Philip's War SRP $44.00 USD

MMP-OA2 Out of the Attic #2 SRP $20.00 USD

New Arrivals September 10th, 2010

Lock n' Load Publishing:

LLP-TonT Tank on Tank SRP $34.95 USD

Osprey Publishing:

OSP1849081658 Battle of the Bulge SRP $30.00 CAD

Normal discounts apply for retailers

New Arrivals September 1st, 2010

GMT Games:

GMT-C3i24 C3i Magazine #24 SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1008 Normandy '44 SRP $55.00 USD

Normal discounts apply for retailers


Top Selling Games at Mindsports: August 2010

  1. Wilderness War (GMT)
  2. Napoleon's War (Worthington)
  3. Beyond Valour (Multiman)
  4. Pensacola (GMT)
  5. Espana 1936 (Devir)
  6. The Fuhrer's Bunker (Critical Hit)
  7. AfrikaKorps (Critical Hit)
  8. Command & Colours Ancients (GMT)
  9. Fires of Midway (Clash of Arms)
  10. Nothing Gained But Glory (GMT)


New Arrivals August 19th, 2010

Against the Odds:
COA-ATO0801 Against the Odds #29: Buffalo Wings: WWII Tactical Air Combat Over Finland
 SRP $34.95 USD
Decision Games:
DCG9002 Crowns in the Gutter
 SRP $35.00 USD
  Decision Games:
DCG9002 WAW: Guards Tank: Kursk
 SRP $29.99 USD


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